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Know About The Cost of Developing a Healthcare App

Digital technology has disrupted every industry, and it has impacted the healthcare industry unlike any other. Over the years, healthcare apps have become an important element in the sector because of the various solutions it has provided. Various software applications developed for the healthcare industry have made quite a lot of improvements in patients, doctors, and other medical services. It is also one of the few industries that did not have any slow down because of any economic crisis. So, if you are planning to develop software for the industry, consider the healthcare sector. The cost of developing a healthcare app is indeed more than another industry-based app, but when done correctly, it will offer you immense returns. 

This article will discuss how much you have to spend on developing a healthcare app and its features. But before that, here is a brief overview of how the market has shaped currently for the healthcare app and how healthcare apps have proved to be beneficial. 

The Healthcare App Market and Its Benefits 

Research revealed that by the first quarter of 2021, there were 53,054 mHealth apps in Google Play Store, which showed a 6.51 percent increase from the 2020 fourth quarter. Furthermore, while the healthcare industry app was valued at $45 billion-plus in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic took the growth of the industry to a new level where it is estimated that by 2021 end it will be about $100 billion

These figures are important to understand that healthcare app is growing exponentially. It hence becomes obvious that there are some beneficial features that led to such a growth of applications in the healthcare sector. 

Some of the benefits that healthcare software development has offered: 

  • Irrespective of the location, a patient can get the essential help if the app and internet connectivity is available, which can be lifesaving at times. 
  • It boosts the communication between the patient, doctor, caregivers, hospitals & clinics, and even the stakeholders. 
  • The apps help gather essential data that can be used to offer better service to the sector.
  • Features can be added to the apps that can offer time-saving capacity for the medical staff 
  • Reduces medical mistakes with different types of features. 
  • It also enhances patient loyalty and engagement with the clinics, doctors, and medical staff. 
  • It is a cost-effective item that can be used by both the hospital and the patient. 

Now that we have an understanding of how the market is shaping and benefiting from the healthcare app, let’s dive into the main points – the cost of developing a healthcare app and the features it should have. 

What Is The Cost Of Developing A Healthcare App? 

  • Location from where the developing company or the developer is based. An Indian company will charge between $10-$45 per hour, while for an EU country developer, it will be between $85 and $150 per hour, whereas a US company will cost you about $150 to $250 per hour
  • Whether the app development is done on a fixed price basis or would it be on materials and time. 
  • Whether the application is being developed by a software development company or individual developers who work as freelancers, 
  • The size of the project and the integration and involvement of the different teams will determine the pricing. 

Typically a healthcare app development can cost up to $200,000, and it can increase to $425,000 if you want it to be developed and tested before the launch. Maintaining and upgrading the app will be separate. 

Since most of the pricing is based on the app’s features, it is important to know the primary features that a healthcare app should have. 

Some other aspects that will impact the price are: 

A healthcare app should be an efficient one and must include a plethora of features and functions. There are, however, several factors that influence the cost of developing a healthcare app. For instance, the cost will be determined by the kind of app you want to develop, i.e., whether it is mobile, web-based, or both. Another factor that will also influence the cost is the platform you want the application to be available on in case of a mobile device. The cost will change if the app is being developed for an iOS device, an Android device, or both. 

Features Of A Healthcare App

You can offer a range of healthcare apps to the customers, e.g., EHR apps,  medical management apps, scheduling apps, consultation apps, remote patient monitoring, symptom checker, telethon services, etc., to name a few. Irrespective of the app, certain features should be included in the app. They are:

  • Registration and login 
  • User profile update and edit 
  • Messaging system 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Push notification
  • Robust admin panel 
  • Enhanced security system 
  • Automation including automated login out after a specific period of time 
  • HIPAA compliance 
  • Video call facility 
  • Management of medical records and reports 
  • Option of integrating other medical and mobile devices 

Final Words

It’s vital that you have all these features in the healthcare app that you develop. We acknowledge that the cost of developing a healthcare app with all these features will be a tad bit high. But there is no point in developing an app that does not fulfill the requirements of the customers. The best way to ensure all these features are there is to hire a professional in the field to warrant a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant software application. on. 

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