Friday, December 2, 2022

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The most intense days of pre-Christmas shopping begin, first with the great deals on Singles Day next Sunday, 11/11 in China, and then with Black Friday next Friday, November 23. Of course, we must be very attentive to all the offers that will appear these days in different online stores, and also to additional discount coupons that could give us great joy at the time of making the purchase.

Find discount coupons 

Above all, foreign stores, both North American and, to a great extent, also Asian ones, use the concept of the discount coupon a lot, turning the art of saving on different products through these coupons. Well, a website called Mesheble is capable of collecting discount coupons from hundreds of online stores around the world. We can practically find discounts from all the big stores on the web. As we say, we are above all interested in the discounts of Chinese stores, where we can buy mainly technology, but also any other type of products.

The operation of the website is very simple, since we only have to enter the name of the store on which we want to search for the discount coupons in the search engine. In the search bar itself we will see the results, and we will only have to click on the store we were looking for. Once we press, all the coupons available at that moment will be displayed on the screen , which in some cases can be several dozen. Let’s take an example search for amazon coupons and you will get a separate Amazon promo codes page that will give you several discounts and offers.

These coupons, in addition to the discount, show us the validity date, and if it is close to the end, we will see that they notify us with a red text. By clicking on the coupon that interests us, or that best suits our purchase, the code that we must enter when making the purchase will be displayed on the screen for the discount to take effect. It even has a button to copy the code, in case it is too long and difficult to copy. In this way we will be able to access all the discount coupons that the most important online stores have. Coupons that by own experience, can easily save you several dollars if it is a purchase of a respectable amount.


Shopping online can be quick and convenient, but it can also turn out to be more expensive if you don’t know how to go about it beyond buying what you want and paying for. Fortunately, there are several tricks to help you cut costs.

1) Compare prices of online stores 

Prices in the physical store and online do not always coincide. Luckily, we now have smartphones, which serve as a tool for us to check anything. In that sense, if you are buying online, look at the prices and compare through the establishment’s social networks or simply make a call to the local store. You may be surprised to find better deals.

2) Avoid shipping costs

Many people tend to focus on the price of what they want to buy and do not look at shipping costs, this being a point to review, because sometimes what you can save by buying online you spend on shipping, especially if it is you do on an international portal. The solution to this is to see if what you are buying the store offers to do free shipping or if they require you to buy a certain amount to do so. In that case, if your purchase is below the minimum, think of other items that you may need from that same store and make a single purchase or check on other portals.

3) Leave items in your cart or cancel them

Many people don’t know that leaving an item in the cart can save you money. So if it’s something you don’t urgently need, put it in your shopping cart and then just leave it there. Sometimes, stores want to close the purchase cycle and send you a coupon or an offer in an email, with the aim that you take it with you soon.

4) Finding Coupons

If you are not receiving coupon codes on the website you shop at, it may be time to take a look at popular coupon sites such as saveucoupon. In many of them, you can acquire between a 6% and 10% discount on your purchases.

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