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How to make a clear & concise post description?

Are you willing to write a short post description that can be considered as the winning one?

So, you are on the right path.

It is pretty clear that we are living in a modern world and we do not have that much time to read long post descriptions.

The thing is, it is not limited to post descriptions only but we are unable to read even lengthy content and that’s why we prefer to have complete and concise information.

Be focused on what we mentioned as “complete and concise”, having a short post description doesn’t mean you can skip some important information.

In this way, you’ll never get benefitted and that’s why we encourage you to write all the main and important points in the description.

But obviously, it is not that easy for many people, so we are going to start from the basics and we just need your attention.

What is summarization?

As we mentioned above, it is very discouraging to write lengthy content and descriptions as well so, we need to make them concise.

And the process of making a content or post description concise is termed as summarization. The basic thing that must be in your mind is the preservation of the main points.

We cannot miss even a single point that can be considered as important, so the best summarization is to preserve and mention all the important points.

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Can summarizing tools be helpful?

This is the most frequent and basic question asked by many bloggers and the answer is very simple that yes, it can be very helpful.

We have mentioned more than one time that it can be difficult to cover all the main points if you are preparing a concise post description on your own.

A good summary maker can help in preserving all the main points and mention them in the description.

Make it pretty clear that if you miss something important in your description then you can surely be compromising on your product sales.

And that’s why we encourage you to use summarizing tools so that you will not miss even a single important point.

How to use a summary generator?

We can say that using online tools is a child’s play as you don’t need to have any technical information about these tools.

And the good thing is, all you need to follow is a couple of steps and you’ll have your clear and concise post description. 

Most of the summarizing tools have the following steps to follow:

  • Copy the lengthy post description
  • Paste in the specified field provided by the tool developers
  • We may also have an option to directly upload a file from the device
  • Some good summary generators can provide the facility of supporting multiple file formats
  • The clear and concise post description will be displayed in the output field

It can be pretty cleared now that using summary generators is very easy and it can also be very beneficial for you.

What factors make a post description clear?

Having a clear description means you have to include all the main points in it and it is not limited to this only.

The words you are using in the description must be easy to understand and easy to read so, you need to be focused if you are willing to write a clear and winning post description.

 And the second thing is accuracy because it can be very discouraging to add something that is not present in your product.

By doing this, you can surely lose your audience and once they found you inaccurate, it can be very difficult to regain their trust.

If we concluded then, we can say that readability, accuracy, and relevancy must be focused while writing a clear post description.

What to look for in a summary generator?

There can be many factors that must be focused but some of them are not meant to be ignored at any cost.

And some of them will be dependent on your requirements so, we are going to share the most important features.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be considered as the most essential feature because it can improve the accuracy of the tool.

Not only accuracy, but it can also surely save time and that’s why it must be present in a tool either it is a summary generator or some other tool.

  1. Pricing plans

We have many tools available on the internet, some of them are free of cost and some are paid, it is not wrong to say that it is something that depends on you.

But we recommend you to go for a free tool as long as it is efficient and fulfills your requirements.


Keep it in your mind while writing a post description that this is something that is going to be the first impression of your product or your service.

So, it can be according to that and we have shared all the required information about this and you can have a look at it.

We are pretty sure that now, you can write a clear and concise post description that will be proven as a winning description.

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