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Increase the effectiveness of your local marketing

Increase the effectiveness of your local marketing there are numerous ways to track and optimize Google My Business efficiency, you’ll need to start by creating a simple profile that is free of the bells and whistles that will be added later.

Since Google My Business is such an integral part of local SEO, it’s worth emphasizing how important it is that the listing data is correct and up to date. According to research, 50% of customers visit a shop or company the day after doing a local search, such as “digital marketing company near me,” and 80% of consumers lose interest in local businesses when they see the false or inaccurate contact information or business names online.

So, not only on GMB, but through all of your listings, you’ll want to keep your Name, Address, and Phone number clear.

Here’s how to get your business listed on Google My Business:

  • Create a Google Account.

If you have a Google My Business account, you can use it to log in.

  • Go to

Then choose ‘Manage Now’.

  • Type in the business name.

If your name is similar to that of another company in your region, the autocomplete feature will recommend such businesses to you. This is so you can check if your company listing still exists (to prevent unintentional duplication) and apply a new GMB profile to an established business if you’ve recently opened a new site.

  • Enter the business location’s

You must check the box at the bottom of this form if you are a Service Area Business that sells products and services to your clients. Here, SABs have two options:

  1. Input your business address here, check the box, and press ‘Next’ if you can accept customers at this location.
  2. If you don’t have a physical location where consumers can meet you, leave the address field vacant, check the box, and then check the box below that says “Hide my address (it’s not a store)”.

In the next move, all companies that provide products and services directly to their clients will be able to specify a Service Area.

  • Make a list of support areas (Service Area Businesses only).

You’ll need to list the regions you cover before you can select your business category, so Google can reliably surface your business for searches in those areas, even though you don’t have a physical address. Enter one or more of the states, counties, or ZIP codes where your company does business.

Since Google My Business is discontinuing the ‘Distance around your business location’ choice and has announced that it will be removed, we suggest skipping this step and instead identifying areas, towns, or ZIP codes.

  • Choose a business category.

This is a crucial area that will not only affect the types of search words for which you feature in Google, but will also appear in your Google My Business profile. When it comes time to refresh your Google business profile, it’s still something worth exploring.

While you can change it later (which would entail re-verification – more on that later), we suggest doing some analysis on your competitors and going through a long list to determine the most accurate category for your business.

Any Google My Business features are only available in those categories. for example, show class ratings as well as any facilities available. Food and beverage establishments can also incorporate URLs for internet orders, appointments, and their menu to their listing, as well as menu items directly into GMB. Businesses who provide services or provide health and beauty services can be able to add a booking button to their listings.

These are only a few highlights of the complexity that Google is bringing to GMB, so it’s important to keep up to date with new updates.

  • Have a phone number and a link to your website.

Neither is needed, but both are highly recommended if you choose to use GMB features like call monitoring. If you still need to update this on your Google company page, make sure to update all of your other business listings as well.

If you don’t already have a website, Google will offer you the option of creating one based on the details you’ve given. However, as we’ve previously shown, there are many explanations why local companies need their own unique websites.

  • Verify your Google My Business account.

Google clearly wants to be able to verify that your company is located where you say it is, and you have three choices for completely different GMB profiles:

  1. Verification of the postcard. This is the most often used authentication method, and it is applicable to all companies. A verification postcard will be sent to the address you provided earlier as part of this procedure (it should reach you within five days). If you’ve got the code, you can use it to validate the company in your GMB account. If your code does not appear, go to GMB and press the ‘Request another code’ banner at the end.
  2. Phone verification is required. Many companies offer the alternative of calling to check their listing. If you see the ‘Verify by phone’ option at the start of the verification process, you’re eligible. You’ll get an automatic message with a verification code that you’ll need to enter into GMB using this method.
  3. Email confirmation is needed. This, including phone verification, is only open to those companies, and you’ll know if you apply if you see the option to ‘Verify by email.’ You’ll get a verification code in the inbox of the Google Account associated with the GMB listing, which you’ll join at the verification point. Until you choose this choice, make sure you have access to this inbox.
  4. Instant authentication, which is only possible if you’ve already checked your business’s website via Google Search Console, and bulk verification, which is for companies with ten or more locations, are the other two options.

Increase the effectiveness of your local marketing

The process of creating a Google My Business profile is just the beginning of your local marketing journey. No matter how niche your company is, competition is fierce, so having on SEO experts hand to help you understand your local search position is critical.

That goes with both your website and your Google My Business listing (remember, the Local Pack exists above organic search results for local searches and is made up entirely of GMB listings), so you’ll want a range of resources that will help you keep track of both.

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