In a previous post, I shared how anyone could easily trace where a sales lead was coming from when submitted through their website. In this entry, I’ll take it one step further and show how you can track what companies are visiting your website and be alerted of it in real-time. Imagine: you’re a healthcare company, and you find out that Novartis Pharmaceuticals has been visiting your website–that would be quite a lead!

The Tool You’ll Need:

You’ll only need one tool to track what companies are visiting on your site, and that’s Clicky Web Analytics. This is a web analytics tool that is similar to Google Analytics, but it provides much more information and delivers the stuff Google Analytics won’t tell you. For just $9.99/month and useable on 30 websites, the value it brings to a business makes it almost free. I’m not affiliated with it at all, but I swear by it as it gives me the bulk of my insights that I use to improve my marketing strategies.

Once you have Clicky installed, here are the settings to start tracking specific organization visits to your website:


Once you’ve logged into Clicky, click Alerts in the main navigation.┬áNext, click Create New Alert. This is where you create the alert. In my example, the client is an electronic device manufacturer who is targeting the US. They would really like to know if anyone from the Bechtel Corporation visits their site.


In the name field, provide a name for this alert. It can be anything. I usually use the name of the corporation that I’m trying to track. Then in the Type drop-down list, select Organizations.


In the Type field, enter the organization name you want to track. This field supports wildcards, so even if you don’t know the exact name of the organization, you can enter a partial name and use * at the beginning and end of the name. Clicky will track any organization that visits the website with the partial name in it. So in my example, I would enter *Bechtel*.


Next, select Email and then enter the email where you would like to receive the alert. Whenever the company is detected to visit your site, the alert will email the address you provide here. After entering the email, click Submit and you’re done!


Now all you need to do is wait for the good news to come in! When it does, you’ll receive the alert as an email at the address you provided. It will show up like this with a link.


Click the link and it will bring you to the exact visitor session in Clicky. Here, you’ll get some pretty amazing info, such as date visited, time, landing page, as well as every page they visited and how long they spent on each page!

Now you don’t have to imagine what it would be like to be able to track when a company visits your website–because you can! Many of my clients use this info to better align their sales team’s strategy. Others actually use it to track whether or not competitors are “repurposing” information from their site. I hope this tip helps you better your sales and marketing efforts!