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Facebook Offline Activity Custom Audience: Everything You Should Know

In the world of eMarketing, Google ads and Facebook ads certainly play the most critical role in broadly marketing your product. But, here, we most definitely, highlight Face Custom Audience for retargeting your customers. However, a Facebook Custom Audience is one the most influential Facebook Ad targeting feature accessible on the Facebook platform.

This feature was launched in 2012 by David Fischer, Chief Revenue Officer at Facebook. And David Fischer recently also called attention to this feature by adding a humorous axiom, “Custom audiences are like butter.” For which they make everything better and are an introductory portion of scaling your ads. 

Besides, the Facebook offline app is a premier showcase for many people. But, on the other hand, Facebook also has offline custom audience features to attract more consumers. And which we’ll discuss momentarily in this blog. 

What Is a Facebook Custom Audience, anyway?

It is an adverting targeting tool by Facebook ads that lets you build parts of people using data you already have possession of and helps you reach them with ads if they’re on Facebook. In other words, it allows businesses to import users’ email ids for retargeting on the social app. When it comes to advertising products in a more sophisticated and tactical way, Facebook Custom Audience comes in very handy.

Moreover, your custom audience list can be created by any concoction of people from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. Or else, from the combination of people who have checked out your website, made purchases in your store, downloaded your app, and many other possible interactable actions to your business. And for the list of potential customers, you can easily retarget them into your business with Facebook Custom Audience.

Why Should I Create a Facebook Custom Audience?

For starters, many reasons are noticeable using Facebook custom audience in the first place. Not to mention when you have a business and want to make it grow exponentially, then Facebook Custom audience can be of excellent service.

But, anyhow, here are four significant benefits of building a Facebook Custom Audience.

1 – Retargeting Website Visitors

Especially in marketing, many marketers believe in this spirit, “Never Give Up on Your Customers.” And I guess they are absolutely right about this perfect concept. So, Likewise, retargeting your customers can actually work and necessarily help you get them back. One of the main reasons for you to use Facebook Custom Audience is engaging back your website visitors.

“One of the best approaches to reach people in your market is Facebook retargeting.” – John E. Lincoln.

Furthermore, retargeting users isn’t a hopeless tactic to follow, even though website visitors targeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert back. And more importantly, when someone interacts with your website while surfing the internet, then not necessarily convert instantly but goes on to surf even more. Later on, when the same person logs in to their Facebook account, they see your product and services ads. Now, admittedly, that’s boosting your brand and improving chances of user conversion. Yup, the Facebook Retargeting feature works like magic for reinforcement of your brand.

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2 – Find New Clients by Lookalike Audience

When it is about attracting new customers and making more customer acquisition, Lookalike Audiences play a significant role in achieving just that, although Facebook Custom Audiences helps a great deal by contemporary retargeting customers and leads.

Thus, to engage new customers into making acquisitions, you should turn your Facebook Custom Audience into a lookalike audience. Not to mention Lookalike Audiences prove to be an effective tool in your purchase toolkit. With this, you can reach new potential customers who look similar to your best clients. And you can attain that with a few clicks, as doing so is straightforward.

3 – Educate, Upsell, Or Broadcast News to Existing Customers

In point of fact, all you need is a happy revenue along with retained clients. Let’s face it… it’s your only goal in the business. And to get to that point, you should use Facebook Custom Audience as a novel method to upsell without turning off the customers by showcasing products thru ads. In addition to upselling and gaining more profits, you can even publicize your brand and products success stories to potential customers.

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4 – A/B Testing

A/B testing is a user experience research-based methodology. It includes random testing with two alternatives, A and B.

A/B testing of diverse messages and products to different segments can help you strategize more effective and creative promotional tactics. Similarly, Facebook Custom Audience provides a playing field to get feedback from the active consumer instantly. On the bright side, it helps you a lot before launching your new products, as it can help you test and set different angles of the product release and its quality too. 

How To Use Offline Events To Create Custom and Lookalike Audiences?

As we all know, sometimes we may be out of the range of the Wi-Fi zone and disabled to access the internet. But that’s when Facebook offline app’ features come in handy to us. Not to mention these Facebook offline features supposedly turn out to be the best in 2021, where you can access limited yet valuable functions to use without the internet. And Facebook ads help to engage offline customers too.

Basically, a custom audience is an ad targeting feature that enables you to find your existing audience on Facebook. Further, you can use Facebook ads sources to create custom audiences that already know your brand.

For creating Custom Audiences of people, you have sources such as customer lists, website/app traffic, and engaged users, which Facebook itself ensures.


Consider the following steps to create a Custom Audience on Facebook ads:

  1. First, on your Facebook account, Go to Events Manager.
  2. From there, you will see Facebook offline app feature; select an offline event to set.
  3. Choose Create
  4. Then, choose to create Custom Audience from the drop-down menu.
  5. Next, pick the ad account that you want to use – Hit Next.
  6. Create parameters on who to include in your audience based on interaction activity.
  7. Last, name your Custom Audience and then select Create Audience.
  8. That’s it, Bravo! You’ve successfully created your Custom Audiences.

For a business to have high potential to grow lookalike Audiences is the way. Since it ensures an effective way to reach new targets who are most probably interested in your business – as they’re similar to your current consumers.

To build a Lookalike Audience, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Audiences.
  2. Select the Create Audience from the drop-down menu and select Lookalike Audience.
  3. After this, pick your source.
  4. Select the countries or a country where you find similar people that can be interested in your brand and products.
  5. Select your desired audience size.
  6. Finally, Create an Audience.
  7. Done and dusted, bravo!

It may take you up to six hours for your Lookalike Audience to be created when you are done.

Final thought…

To sum up, these eMarketing platforms truly uplift your business. Especially Facebook ads, which ensures a diverse set of eMarketing tactics that help engage more and more consumers to a brand.

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