Data is money.

It’s time to learn how to analyze your website traffic and bring ROI to your business.

Who are your visitors and what do they actually do on your website?

Do you make use of your website monitoring tools by looking at user flow, click paths and heat maps? Knowing what visitors actually do on your website (what they click the most on, where do they go before and after a page) are one of the most important things you should be looking at when analyzing your website traffic reports.

How do you know your traffic is even meaningful?

Not all traffic is good. In fact, too much traffic bouncing right away can hurt your SEO. You need to track website traffic to see your top viewed pages, most popular exit pages, and make sure your bounce rates aren’t high. Only by looking at these stats on your website traffic reports will you be able to find out if the traffic coming to your site is meaningful at all.

Are you able to get visitors to do what you want them to do?

The industry buzzword is “conversion”, but a conversion can be more than just a lead in your inbox. It can be any goal you set that you want the visitor to engage in, whether it be a download, signup, or social share. Setup the event and make sure you are using website monitoring tools to check whether your visitors are doing what you want them to do on your website.

Go Beyond SEO and Start Looking At Your Website Data

Everyone says they’ll get you to rank #0 on Google so that your website gets traffic. But few ever tell you what your visitors do on your website and whether your traffic meaningful; and most important of all, none try to analyze your traffic’s behaviour to improve the function of your website so that it creates the desired results which align with your business objectives. They all set you up to track website traffic using Google Analytics, but then they’re gone. It’s like cooking a meal and never asking your patrons if they liked the food!

Data really is money.

I’ll share my day-to-day experience analyzing visitor behaviour with you absolutely free.