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How To Get Free Web Hosting in 2021?

Nowadays, creating a website is not a tough process. Everyone wants to know if they can get free website hosting. The response is a solid “YES.” Free web hosting is available from a variety of website servers. People appreciate freebies, but they are not the same as expensive items.

Building a website has become the most effective means of spreading your message around the world. However, you may not want to spend money on a website when you initially start off. The majority of people are looking for something that is quick, easy, and free.

A number of the best free website hosting providers are available on the internet. However, as a smart business person, you should be aware that nothing comes for free these days. There’s always a stumbling block. Running a website hosting service is very expensive. Free website hosting companies make money in order to stay competitive in the digital age.

Having A Low Budget? Don’t Worry

Maybe you’re a student seeking free web hosting or a non-profit looking for free WordPress hosting. Don’t worry; in this article, I’ll go over all of the major aspects of web hosting.

As the largest free WordPress reference resource for beginners, it is our duty to highlight the terms and conditions so that you may make the best decision possible.

Each free web hosting provider promises that you will be able to keep your website for as long as you wish. If someone wants a real platform for a full-featured web hosting service, premium web hosting is the way to go.

You gain access to expert assistance and superior service overall by paying these small charges. Most importantly, it gives you complete control over and ownership of your website. You can choose to show no advertising on your website and keep it fully ad-free to deliver the best customer experience.

So, Let’s get started!

Top 6 Free Web Hosting Sites

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Squarespace
  5. Google Cloud Hosting
  6. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

While free is appealing, it is always limited when it comes to website hosting. To help you get started, we’ve collected a list of the finest free website hosting sites. These websites are completely free to use, however they do have some limitations.

We strongly urge you to learn how to choose the finest WordPress hosting before making your final decision.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is an excellent internet hosting platform that has a specific WordPress flare to it. WordPress provides a free website hosting option that includes a subdomain, 3 GB of storage, and a selection of free website themes.

This plan displays advertisements on your website for free. You may pay to remove ads, use a custom domain name, and gain access to more services by signing up for one of their paid plans. Choosing a premium WordPress plan, on the other hand, is not a good option. You can contact paid hosting sites such as Blue Host, Hostinger, Dream Host, and others if you want a better plan.

  1. Wix

Wix features an excellent drag-and-drop site builder for small websites. There are more than 800 free layouts to pick from, all of which may be customized. Wix offers free web hosting and domain registration. The App Market makes it simple to add photo galleries, booking forms, members sections, and online businesses. It does, however, have a few drawbacks that make it inappropriate for long projects.

Their visually beautiful layouts assist businesses, restaurants, internet stores, and artists such as singers and photographers. They’re mobile-friendly and can be customized using one of the numerous Wix App Market apps.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is a great platform of website development for small businesses because it includes all of the tools, you’ll need to get your website up and running. Its simple editor makes constructing your site a joy, allowing you to be online faster, and its huge app store lets you equip your site with all of the tools you need.

It’s also a great choice for personal portfolios because of its simple, appealing themes. Weebly is perfect if you want a portfolio that looks good without having to care about the design. Weebly isn’t ideal for individuals who desire complete control over their websites. You must look for more web hosting for the purpose of subscribing.

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is a popular website builder that does not necessitate technical expertise. This gives you access to their website builder, which you can use to explore around with its different features. Your website will be private unless you pay for a paid service. A premium subscription will set you back $12 per month. Each package comes with a free custom domain name, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and pre-built website layouts.

  1. Google Cloud Hosting

Google provides a variety of free website hosting solutions for small businesses and students. It contains all of the advanced features that you’d expect from a top-tier company like Google.

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Because their programs are based on wages, it’s a straightforward place for students to get started. If you’re just searching for free website hosting for test sites, Google gives new clients a $300 credit, which would last you a year.

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Many worlds’ most prominent websites rely on Amazon Web Services or AWS. While small businesses may find it challenging to use, it is an ideal platform for students and beginning developers.

One of the best free web hosting solutions for testing sites is Amazon’s AWS Free Tier, which gives 12 months of free and always-free products. Using Amazon’s powerful platform, students can learn and improve their development skills.


There are a lot of web hosting sites available on the internet. They are simple to use, comprehend, and drag & drop templates. A regular person can create a website for himself as well as a portfolio. Various web hosting firms offer various benefits. Paid hosting sites include things like a free domain, SSL, email, unlimited storage, and more. If you’re dealing with a large company, you can use paid hosting. I suggest using free hosting for personal websites and paid to host for large corporations and small businesses.

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