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10 Best WordPress Plugins To Generate Schema 

Do you want to apply a schema markup on your WordPress site to improve your SEO and to look great in search results?

Schema may greatly support your SEO efforts and make your website stand out from the crowd in Google search results. This comparison will help you choose the best schema plugin for your website; you can also get features and costs from a wordpress agency to avoid any confusion.

WordPress Schema Plugins Comparison 

Fortunately, fantastic plugins can assist you in creating a schema without having to code. Let’s look at the greatest among them.

10 Best Schema WordPress Plugins are:

  1. All-in-one SEO (AIOSEO)
  2. ReviewX (for WooCommerce)
  3. Scheme Pro
  4. StarCat Reviews
  5. WP Review
  6. WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin
  7. WPSSO Core
  8. Schema App plugin
  9. WP Table Builder
  10. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

1. All-in-one SEO (AIOSEO) 

All in One SEO is the first plugin on our list (AIOSEO). It is the first of its kind since it has a lot of characteristics. 

AIOSEO is more than a schema add-on. Instead, it’s a full-featured WordPress SEO plugin that also takes care of your schema.

As a result of this plugin, you can:

Use relevant titles, meta descriptions, and keywords to optimize pages and posts.

Get advice on how to optimize your content and SEO.

Include Sitemaps in your website.

To evaluate how well your content is optimized at once, get a TruSEO score for each page and post.

You can add rich snippet (schema) markup to your website in only a few clicks. There is no need for coding.

With just a few clicks, you can configure all of these types of schemes:

  • Recipe
  • FAQ
  • Article
  • Applicative software
  • Real estate advertisement

The annual fee for AIOSEO is $49.50. For all of its features, it’s a steal.

2. ReviewX (for WooCommerce)

ReviewX is a WooCommerce rating and review plugin with many rating criteria. You can use it as a review reminder email and the advanced review-related tools to gather appealing and rich consumer information in ratings, reviews (both written and visual), pictures and videos, and more.

Using ReviewX’s product schema, your product’s structured data can be displayed in the search results.

A Reminder of the Multiple Criteria Review Photographs and videos can be submitted for review via email, where they can be edited and shared with the world via social media.

In charge of every review

Widgets in the Elementor

Filtering in Depth & Additional.

From $69 – $149 annually with plenty of features. 

3. Scheme Pro

Schema Pro is a good option if you just want your plugin to handle schema without any additional SEO capabilities.

This plugin, like AIOSEO, allows you to add schema to your pages with just a few clicks and no code. It also includes a wide range of plan types, including:

  • Comments
  • A Local Business
  • Receipts
  • Event
  • Faq
  • Comment
  • Offer Of Employment

Another amazing feature of Schema Pro is that you can automatically create your schema type once and apply it to all of your other pages.

Schema Pro is available for $79 per year.

4. StarCat Reviews

Using StarCat Reviews, you can quickly and easily build any review website. Schema Markup is automatically applied to your posts and pages based on your selected post type.

Use this plugin to collect user reviews and rank products based on numerous criteria. It’s all you need to build a dedicated WordPress review site with just one simple plugin.

• Rich Snippets with ratings can be displayed on Google search pages using the StarCat Reviews Plugin.

• WooCommerce integration to reward customers for their ratings with coupons and other incentives.

It is free to download and has a wide range of features, including multiple rating criteria, a Pros and Cons section, an Overall Review Score, and the ability to respond to reviews.

5. WP Review

Do you want star ratings in your Google results? WP Review is a plugin that focuses solely on reviews and adds stars to your product or service.

This plugin supports different schemas for reviews and star ratings, including:

  • Receipts
  • Films
  • product
  • Lieu
  • Apps for programming

WP Review is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a great way for website users to submit reviews and ratings in your search results.

For one year of updates and support, WP Review costs $67. Although there is a free version, some evaluations are not favorable. The pro version appears to be the best option.

6. WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin

Like WP Review, the WordPress Review & Structured Data Schema Plugin is a review plugin that also maintains schema.

On the other hand, this plugin can handle a few other schema types besides reviews, such as FAQs, tutorials, and breadcrumbs.

All of these sorts of plans are available for free, but you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version if you require one for:

  • Receipts
  • Apps for programming
  • Jobs
  • Breadcrumbs

This one appears to be quite extensive, so it’s worth going. The WordPress Review & Structured Data Schema Plugin’s pro edition costs $29 for a year of support and updates, with a 20% discount on renewals.

7. WPSSO Core

In addition to being a schema markup plugin, WPSSO Core also supports sophisticated open graph, rich pin, Twitter card, meta tags, and SEO rich to ensure that your material appears excellent on any social site or search engine.

It’s quick, and it’s not something you have to remember to do every time you sit down to write a new piece. Your website’s content automatically gathers descriptions, titles, and product details. It can be adapted to fit your requirements.

It also checks for possible conflicts between third-party plugins and tells you if any PHP components are missing.

Starts from $69.00 for a single WordPress Site 

8. Schema App plugin

The Schema App plugin is a schema plugin for WordPress, as the name implies. In some aspects, this one is distinct from the others.

The free plugin generates a variety of plans for you, including:

  • Page
  • Poster
  • Category
  • Blog

Then you can upgrade to Pro if you wish to generate additional layouts for your site, including bespoke layouts. Product Schema, Local Businesses, Organizations, Services, Reviews, FAQs, and a few additional features are available with Pro. You can also contact their customer service team by email.

However, this one is a bit costly. For a year, a Pro will set you back $300.

9. WP Table Builder

Beautiful and responsive tables may be created using WP Table Builder, a ‘drag and drop WordPress plugin.

WordPress has a significant problem with tables, and the only way to get better tables is to write them yourself. There are several steps, and it takes a long time. This is why a table plugin is listed as a schema plugin, in case you were wondering. Google has released a new schema markup for displaying table data in the SERPs. 

Starting from $39 for a single website. 

10. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Another schema plugin for WordPress is the WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin, which comes in handy for creating structured data.

This plugin, like others, includes a list of schema types in the free edition and adds more if you upgrade to the pro version. Reviews, services, products, events, and other fundamentals are included in the free version. Recipes, courses, FAQs, and other common map types are included in the pro version.

The autofill feature in the pro edition of this plugin is a standout feature. The plugin will attempt to fill up your schema fields for you with a single click of a button, saving you time.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema’s pro version costs $49 for a year of upgrades and support.


This is our best schema plugin list. We hope you’ve chosen a schema plugin that best suits your needs.

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