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How to Improve SEO Rankings by Using Schema Markup

Table Of Contents

  • What is Schema Markup?
  • Why is Schema Important?
  • How to Implement Schema Markup for SEO
  • Generate the Markup
  • Test Your Code First
  • Deploy the Code on Your Website
  • Straight into The HTML
  • Using Google Tag Manager
  • Conclusion

Schema markup is a useful way that can help your website to stand out from your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) competitors. Schema markup is said to be one of the latest evolutions in search engine optimization. The new form of optimization is considered the most powerful form of SEO but it is the least utilized type of optimization. Once you understand what it is and how to implement schema markup, then you can easily boost the ranking of your website in the search engine result pages (SERP). If your website goes on high ranks, then it means it will generate good revenue for your website. Calculating the markup manually isn’t easy, use the mark calculator online that determines the ideal markup in a matter of seconds for your website.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is structured data or coding, which is used on the website to tell the search engines what your website is all about. In simple words, schema markup clarifies the search engines that what your web page is about. The search engines will then interpret the information, which you have provided on your website so that they can display the results depending on the search queries of the user. Markup is an important estimation for the website owners if it is calculated correctly, then the website can give enough money to manage the overhead expenses & make a reasonable profit. Markup calculation is a time-consuming task. Try out the percentage markup calculator to find the margin, profit, revenue, and markup of your website.

Why is Schema Important?

There is no doubt that schema markup is important and is considered an influential evolution when it comes to search engine optimization. The days are gone when schema markup was just used as structured data for the websites. But now, Google has hinted that it is an important part of SEO ranking and this is why it is considered as the potentially key factor for the website visibility on SERP. It tells the search engines what type of content your website has to rank the web page.

If you’re running an online clothing store on your website then using the schema markup can play a vital role to rank your website. In this way, you can increase the traffic of your website to get more profit from your online clothing store. It would be easier to use the markup calculator online through which you came to know how much markup, revenue, profit, and margin you make from your online store.

How to Implement Schema Markup for SEO:

Now, it’s the right time to discuss how to use the scheme markup. The main goal of the website owner is to rank his website, look better & do better in the search engine result pages. Here’s how to use the schema markup for website optimization.

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Generate the Markup:

Writing the schema markup by yourself is entirely possible now, but it is not required. If you are using WordPress, then you have plenty of options to use for the plugins that make your life easier. if not, then don’t worry you can use the schema builder extension. But at the time of using the markup generators, you need to remember that these generators cover the basic markup only. to go beyond this, you will have to adjust the conde by yourself. When your website gets ranking in the top search pages, then means that you will generate good revenue. To determine the revenue, profit, margin, and cost with the assistance of an online markup calculator online for free.

Test Your Code First:

Until you are using the CMS or plugins where you can interact through the UI (User Interface), you should have to test the markup for your website ranking before pushing it to production. To test the website, Google has developed two easy-to-operate testing tools such as structured data testing tools and rich result testing tools. Whatever the ranking status of your website you can easily determine how much revenue & profit your website is generating with the free assistance of an online cost markup calculator.

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Deploy the Code on Your Website:

This step will depend on the website and tagging system of the website. Here, we are discussing JSON-LD as the schema markup format. We need to go through from the below mentioned implementation methods:

Straight into The HTML:

JSON-LD markup schema is formatted as a SCRIPT, which is placed into the “head” or “body” of your HTML.  If you are not the webmaster, then you need to talk to your developer and make him agree on how to assign this task to the developers.  It includes mapping URLs or the categories to different schemes, highlighting static, and dynamic values. According to the experts, websites that use the schema markup will rank better in the search engine result pages as compared to those websites who don’t use markup. You can say that websites with schema markup can earn more as compared to the websites that don’t use it. However, you can simply calculate the markup & revenue depending on the cost & margin with the help of a markup calculator.

Using Google Tag Manager:

Usually, people assume that using the schema markup through the GMT is not an appropriate way because GoogleBOt utilizes the JAVAScript for the access. Recently, Google added the GMT implementation as one of the officially endorsed options. There are times when your current markup schema is not performing well then you have the option to change it to get better rank on SERP. No matter whether your website ranking is good or bad, you can still calculate the revenue or profit coming from your website. The easiest way to calculate the markup & cost is to use the markup calculator by that calculates the markup and cost of the website according to the revenue and profit.


This guidepost, let’s you know how you can boost your search engine optimization by using the schema markup. Finding the revenue and profit of your website isn’t an issue anymore. With the ease of a markup calculator you can easily perform the markup calculations.

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