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7 Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress

Need to an extra functionality to the Elementor? Keep reading on, we have pulled out the best and free Elementor Add-ons in this blog.

Elementor is itself a feature-rich page builder but if you want to unlock its potential and core capabilities, Add-ons come into play. To have a professional and stunning-looking website, Elementor Add-ons greatly help. But to start this process, you need to pick the best extension. Since its birth in 2016, Elementor has taken over WordPress completely, with over 5 million users now and still counting itself speaking of how beneficial this page builder can be for revenue seekers.

If you are not familiar with the term then allow us to give a brief description of Elementor. It is a WordPress page builder plugin that allows you to create an exquisite website that offers your user a great web experience. You don’t need to have prior coding knowledge to use it. A simple drag and drop element has made it easier for many businesses to create their own visually delightful and engaging website in a couple of minutes.

Furthermore, you get several ready-made templates to choose from and apply them on the site in the Elementor page builder. This plugin provides immense flexibility to customize all the features and styling capabilities of a website. You can create your own with distinctive ideas and show your creativity with the help of the Elementor Add-ons.

Note: In case you are not a pro/or having enough knowledge about wordpress development we suggest you to keep backup of your pages/files when doing any changes to avoid trouble later. If you are using managed wordPress hosting you can create the backup by automated options in provided by your hosting panel or cotnact the hosting support and ask them to do that for you. If you are using the hosting service that is not managed you will have to create backup manually.

Why there is a need to use Elementor Add-ons?

You must be aware that one of the most challenging parts of a business is satisfying customers and persuading them to buy again from you. For that, you need to ensure that the face of your business i.e. your site contains everything that your customer is looking for. Elementor offer over 80 elements but if you want to expand its functionalities and access more advanced features then you need Add-ons.

Due to this necessity, there are now numerous Elementor Add-ons available in the market. You will get tons of choices for the extension. Elementor Add-ons help in strengthening your existing website design with great layouts and features. You can create a stunning site with the help of Elementor Add-ons.

By the end of this blog, you will easily decide how to begin with these page builder extensions and which Add-on will boost your web experience.

We have dug out the best free Elementor Add-ons in the market this year to help you choose the finest one.

Let’s Explore These 7 Best Free Elementor Addons

  1. Stratum Elementor Widget

It is one of the newest extensions to Elementor. This Add-on is gaining popularity as it offers premium-looking widgets, great customization, and standard design solutions at zero cost. This extension is helpful for business niches that are looking to create café and restaurant food menus, portfolios, and online stores.

The theme-based and lightweight widgets resolve problems related to design and performance. The free version of Stratum offers several widgets but if you want additional customizing power then you need to get the pro version.

Key features of Stratum:

  • Advanced widgets for creating business websites like pricing tables, timelines, testimonials, counters, and countdowns.
  • Several widgets for image-focused website pages, shops, and portfolios like banners, masonry galleries, sliders, and flip boxes.
  • Smooth integration with other services like Maps and Instagram.
  1. Mighty Add-ons

It is one of the most popular, admired, and feature-rich Elementor widget plugins in the market today. You can design stunning yet powerful WordPress websites using this Add-on at no cost. This Elementor toolkit offers extensions, widgets, sections, and a complete template to achieve even the most complex design.

You can create a fully functional yet attractive business website with the help of Mighty Add-on for Elementor. It offers over 45 Elementor widgets and growing options in sections and templates. Its free version offers numerous widgets options but if you want to unlock additional features for creating an awesome site then its pro version is worth a download.

Key features of Mighty Add-ons:

  • Powerful extensions and widgets to use the Elementor page builder to its full potential.
  • You get several options in widgets as it keeps growing every day.
  • Highly customizable and amazingly responsive Elementor toolkit to accelerate the web designing process.
  • You can easily import ready-to-use sections to your website with one click.
  1. Envato Elementor Add-ons

These Add-on helps integrate premium designs and provide a high-quality customizing web experience. You get access to appealing design templates, fonts, images, and more tools that help you create an attractive business website. You can smoothly import and personalize these assets within your webpage.

This free Elementor Add-on is a great tool to expand the widget library. If you opt for a premium version then you will get a subscription-based benefit.

Key features of Envato Elementor Add-ons:

  • Smooth template search and importing.
  • Many customizing and powerful options.
  • No matter what business you are in, you get design solutions for it.
  • Several copyright-free images to choose from.
  1. Master Add-ons

This Elementor Add-on supplies widget with maximum feature-rich options. These Add-ons help to transit effects smoothly and make your site dynamic and impressive.

You can make your content visually attractive and functional with this Elementor Add-on. Call to action, team members, blog, etc. can be easily integrated into the website using this extension.

Key features of Master Add-ons:

  • Pre-designed and ready-to-use free Elementor templates.
  • You get multiple extensions including an image gallery, tooltip, image comparison, timeline, business hours, dynamic table, etc. in the free version.
  1. Premium Add-ons

If you are looking for an image-centered, blog, and flexible marketing then Premium Add-ons for Elementor is the right choice. You will get ample creative widgets such as fancy text, carousel, banners, modal box, image grid, dual heading, and other exclusive widgets.

This add-on is great in supplying widgets with modern layouts, exceptional transitional effects, grid concepts, and styles. However, some common essentials are present in the pro version only.

Key features of Premium Add-ons:

  • You get creative and complete designing solutions.
  • It’s a library of free page sections.
  • Several free contact form widgets.
  • In the free version, you get widgets such as a counter, pricing table, vertical scroll, progress bar, etc.
  1.  HT Mega Absolute Add-ons

As the name says it is a ‘mega’ popular Add-on for Elementor with over 85 free widgets. You can easily restructure the process of editing with shop, social media, and other post-focussed widgets. This Add-on for Elementor helps in styling up your business website on WordPress.

From appealing home pages to integrating any sort of plugin including WooCommerce shop, booked calendar, bbPress forum, TablePress widget, and much more. The pro version of HT Mega Absolute Add-ons has many page templates and ready-made template sets.

Key features of HT Mega Absolute Add-ons

  • You will get a massive number of niche widgets in its free version.
  • Ready-made design templates for consistency in layout.
  • Heater and footer creators.
  • Several widgets for styling popular services and plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, Twitter, and many others.
  •  You get unique widgets for image comparison, popovers, and picture magnifiers.
  • Over 85 widgets in the free version including a news ticker, video player, timeline, post canvas, etc.
  1. Livemesh Add-ons

This is one of the popular extensions to Elementor. It has widgets for various domains including business blogs and portfolios. The key focus of this Add-on is on providing discreet design solutions. This Add-on is suitable for traditional and contemporary niche businesses. It offers a wide range of necessary widgets for various needs such as price planners, client lists, services, etc.

The premium version of this Add-on is equipped with specialized widgets like WooCommerce and Twitter integration. Also, various image and video galleries, LazyLoading effects, and much more are available. Plus, it has also got demo data import in the premium version.

Key features of Livemesh Add-ons:

  • You can set dark or light themes for different widgets.
  • You get mobile-ready and performance-enhanced widgets.
  • New features are updated regularly.
  • Over 13 widgets in the free version including pie charts, team members, testimonials, services, etc.

Wrapping up

With over 80 design elements and numerous ready-made templates, Elementor is undoubtedly the most popular and convenient page builder right now. With the newest version 3.0, you can customize your requirements with the help of a theme builder. It has become an even more powerful plugin to create and manage your stunning-looking WordPress website with comprehensive global settings.

This increased the value of Elementor and gave birth to Add-ons that allow this plugin to work to its full potential. But you get n-number of options in this realm as well. There are certainly many add-ons to Elementor available nowadays but not every extension offers a free version.

To help you with your quest, this was our extensive review of a few best Elementor Add-ons that are free on the market. You need to closely look at the elements and features that each Add-on offer then choose one that meets your requirement. Whenever you choose any Elementor Add-on make sure that you check the number of widgets, styling options, editing flow, performance, and of course reviews of former users.

We hope this post will guide you in your research and help you pick the right one.

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