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Elegant & Best Tumblr Themes for Bloggers

Making a particular Tumblr blog is not as simple as it used to be previously. You can no longer have access by use of free themes if you are making new blogs. You should find more creative and get unique articles that provide a fresh look to your website to stand out from the crowd.

That is where this article will be appropriate to you. This article has handpicked this collection of the best elegant Tumblr themes for that exact purpose and to assist you in getting the correct theme with the design to make your Tumblr blog appear better than any other website on the platform.

Top Mobile Friendly Tumblr Themes are:


A clean and minimal Tumblr theme, having appropriate versatility to function as a blog, inspiration board, or personal portfolio. It also shows over 45 customization ways that so you can make Sisko Theme your own.

Woody Theme

Woody Theme has an excellent typography and modern pixel unique design. This theme is designed for Tumblr, and it only takes you 1 minute to install the theme.


Orson is a unique and adaptive Tumblr theme used to present your content, to any device, without clutter and is highly flexible. Simple customize having support for Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, or Google Analytics. This theme gives out a tailored view to every device such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and desktop that can visit it and only serves the needed content, helping to increase up delivery of your site.


UltraMnml is a perfect and responsive Tumblr theme designed for the power blogger. It supports all post types. Also, it is made for any Tumblr blogger, whether you’re a writer or a photo blogger. It will make your content look unique. It is also responsive, so it’ll appear great on your phone or tablet.


Simon is a simple, adaptive Tumblr theme that is simple to install, customize, and creates a great first theme to use with Tumblr! It is best for writers with strong typography. This theme offers a tailored view to every device that visits it and only serves the content needed, helping to enhance the delivery of your site.


Fredrik is an adaptive Tumblr theme that is a Grid-based Index Page that is great to use as a portfolio for an Illustrator. It is super easy to customize with Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribble, Instagram, or Google Analytics. Also, have the new features unique to this theme.

Optic Tumblr Theme

The optic is a responsive Tumblr theme that is best for any blog providing the Masonry jQuery plugin. Showcase your artwork having complete focus on the post. Optic comes packed having jQuery awesomeness with shows your posts incomplete of their glory. Select colors for any part of the theme, so fully customize it in whatever way you need. Also, you can select your favorite font from the Google font’s library and add it by use of the themes options panel.


That is an adaptive Tumblr theme used for presenting your content, to whichever device, in a masonry-based view. It involves Ajax-based page loading, as well as URL tracking. Users can easily view your posts, view them in detail, and get back to their place.


Glide is a truly responsive theme. Best for any Tumblr blogger, from photography to business. It is the best beginning block for developers, designers with bloggers of whichever skill level. Glide is found when packed full of features with more get added with every update. It shows a comprehensive list of editable ways via the Appearance panel, recent posts, fully responsive videos, slider with images.

Pop Gallery

Pop Gallery is one of the elegant Tumblr themes used in visual portfolios, galleries, and handcrafts shops, with the unique possibility to present different thumbnails for new, sold, and reserved items. It has a unique and clean design with circular thumbnails.


Focus is an adaptive Tumblr theme used in presenting your content, to whatever device, without clutter. Simple to change colors with background images also assists in the Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble, and Google Analytics. This theme offers a tailored view to every device (Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop) that visits it then only serves the content needed to help increase delivery of your site.


Notes is a responsive Tumblr theme, according to the idea of notepaper that supports all Tumblr post types. Simply customizable, with custom colors, then keep for Disqus and Google Analytics. This theme is also used on your desktop, iPad, and iPhone, supporting the same made to all your visitors.


Vision Tumblr Theme is best for a writer, agency, or business portfolio. Vision shows a snippet of the post’s content on the home page, so more may be seen simultaneously. The idea is best for whichever level of designer, developer, or blogger. It’s straightforward to install, and it only takes a minute with the support of my instructions file with a video walk-through.


Calipso is a premium Tumblr theme made by Tofuthemes to be used to display your work, your views, and your portfolio. The theme has been made, so it is straightforward changed and adapted to the way you need it, from the color of the links, the background, custom font with the fantastic features in the sidebar, to control everything you need.


Domericano is a clean, minimal also beautiful Tumblr Theme that uses the Masonry effect and optional Endless scrolling. It is best for all types of blogs with portfolios, simple to install, has several options, and is heavily improved.

Squared Magazine

Squared Magazine was made to make your Tumblog a special Magazine feel and appear with all the standard Magazine Functions, such as “Latest Articles” Widget and “Related Posts” Widget. 

While is still perfect for any blogger.


The Shift Tumblr theme is best for any blog, from a personal blog to the portfolios! The image slider enables you to showcase your best images or your favorite portfolio work. Shift helps all Tumblr post types and shows a custom post page using a sidebar to add affiliate links or even a Flickr photo feed.


The Polaroid Tumblr theme is a premium theme that Pixel Floss made to display your work, views, together with your life, in a clean and clear format. The theme was created, and it is easily changed and adapted to the way you need it, the background, and the fantastic features in the sidebar, and you will control everything you need.


When talking about hippy Tumblr themes, many people think of blogs with photo albums. However, this platform can be used for much more than that. Having the correct theme design, you can make blogs, magazine websites, agency websites, business websites, and others while getting free hosting from Tumblr.

Suppose you want to make a professional or a business website. It’s good to avoid using free themes and go for the best elegant Tumblr themes that are found on premium marketplaces today.

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