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Why Choose Omni-Channel Joomla Software for E-Commerce Development & Advantages?  

Downloaded over 50 million times and counting, Joomla is the 5th most popular content management system on the internet. Joomla comes with many advantages for website development. Joomla software is ideal for the development of multiple website types, including business, personal, and E-commerce websites. The Joomla CMS comes with a range of features including printable versions of pages, page caching, blogs, collapsible sidebars, Google ReCAPTCHA, composer integration, language internationalization, and more. 

With Joomla’s many advantages, it is both a viable and popular content management system. However, read further for in-depth insights into Joomla and its benefits for E-commerce development. Furthermore, understand the benefits of Omni-Channel Joomla software and Joomla e-commerce extensions and features and their benefits for shopping cart development. 

Joomla Features and Extensions 

The popularity of multi-vendor E-commerce platforms with Joomla integration is largely credited to the many excellent Joomla e-commerce extensions and features that make content management and publication so much easier. Joomla boasts 8000+ extensions, many of which are ideal for e-commerce development and online retail operations. 

By definition, extensions are software packages extending functions and features relevant to content management and content publishing through the Joomla content management system. The term extension is by nature generic. As such, Joomla extensions refer to 8000+ extensions available on the Joomla Extensions Directory. Joomla extensions are of varying types, intended to carry out varying content management and publishing functions. Joomla offers the following extension types: 

  • Template Joomla’s template extensions determine the aesthetics and feel of your e-commerce site. These extensions also have a bearing on the navigation capabilities of your shopping cart. 
  • Plugin – Plugin extensions on Joomla carry out the important functions of editing and adding to articles on your site. Plugin extensions also extend and add to the functions of other extension types. 
  • Module – The module extension allows for the side box display of non-essential data, oftentimes on multiple pages 
  • Language – Supports language internationalization on your site 
  • Component – Component extension types allow for adding custom functions selected from an extensive menu 
  • Library – Library extensions provide extensive and additional functionality for other extensions 
  • Package – Package extensions are useful for the bundling of inter-related extensions 

While multi-functional Joomla extensions are a definitive advantage of the Joomla content management system, there are other advantages of this CMS that are well worth exploring. These advantages are as follows. 

Joomla Advantages and Benefits 

Joomla integration on any multi-vendor e-commerce platform comes with its fair share of benefits and advantages, these include: 

  • Data Security – Joomla offers high levels of data security at the time of installation. Joomla users are advised to routinely install all Joomla security updates to consistently benefit from Joomla’s data security features. 
  • SEO Optimization – Joomla offers basic self-enhanced SEO optimization features for your content. This includes search engine friendly URLs, full control over Meta keywords and Meta descriptions for your web pages, and several SEO plugins to further search engines optimize your online retail operations.  
  • The Joomla Community – With over 200,000 users, Joomla boasts of a strong community that has faced and resolved many issues with the Joomla open-source CMS. It is this Joomla user and developer community that is often responsible for detecting and fixing loopholes, bugs, security concerns, and updates, as and when required. This strong community of Joomla users ensures updates come in on time, while adding to the Joomla Documentation knowledge and troubleshooting resources to facilitate extensive support and assistance for Joomla users. 

Joomla comes with other benefits and advantages such as e-commerce development flexibility facilitated by 8000+ Joomla extensions, content management convenience, and easily customizable open-source frameworks. 

Why Take the Omni-Channel Joomla Software Route for E-Commerce Development

Having shed light on the many advantages of adopting the Joomla CMS for E-commerce development, it’s worth considering why Joomla Omni-channel E-commerce could be beneficial to online retail operations. Allowing for integration of all retail channels, the Joomla CMS integrates data from online, mobile, and in-person retail operations to make multi-channel retail operations easier to manage. 


Q: What is Joomla?

A: Joomla is an open-source content management system allowing for the publishing and management of content on websites. 

Q: What is Omni-Channel Marketing? 

A: Omni-Channel marketing is a marketing strategy known to be advantageous owing to the seamless integration of online, mobile, and in-person retail operations

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