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How to Backup Office 365 Emails – Best Method

Perfect Methods to Backup Office 365 Emails to Laptop/PC

Microsoft Office 365 does not need an introduction. It is a well-known SaaS service that makes it easy for users and businesses to manage their tasks. Data theft and loss prevention is an essential aspect of any business. It is important to backup your data regularly, just like the previous point. Backup Office 365 Emails is the most important task.

It would be a great idea to have Office 365 email backups in your company’s organizations.

  • Regular email backups are key to ensuring data protection.
  • It will also free up space for your Office 365 accounts.

Microsoft declares in its Office 365 backup policy agreement that data recovery cannot be guaranteed. To ensure data security, users should use third-party backup services. Before we look for an Office 365 backup solution, let us first go over the many reasons to backup Office 365.

Why you Should Backup Office 365 Mailbox

Microsoft Office allows you to work anywhere and at any time. It does not mean that Office 365 data backups need to be done regularly. Many threats can put data at risk. These are just a handful of reasons users should look into an Office 365 mailbox backup option.

  • Accidentally deleted Office365 data deletions are replicated throughout the network. You will need Office 365 data backup to ensure that your data remains protected.
  • Cyber-attacks on cloud storage are still possible. Ransomware or malware could compromise Office 365 files. Users can restore files that have been encrypted if they backup office 365 Emails.
  • Policies on Retention it can be difficult to keep track of the Microsoft retention policies. Third-party backup software can provide additional features for data preservation.
  • Office 365 may experience occasional outages that affect access data. These outages can last from a few seconds to one minute. You can avoid these outages by using Office 365 cloud backup.

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What are Office 365 Backup Solutions

You can manually backup Office 365 data using an eDiscovery method or a third-party Office 365 backup utility. Let’s first look at how Office 365 can be used to backup mails during an eDiscovery. What are Office 365 Backup Solutions.

eDiscovery Content Search

  1. Register with Office 365 using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the admin section and select Exchange.
  3. Next, click Permissions. Next, click Permissions on the left side.
  4. Click the “+” symbol to add a role in the discovery management option.
  5. Under the role, click on the mailbox import/export button.
  6. Click the + sign button again in the “Members” section. Next, click on the username.
  7. After you’ve completed all the steps, click “Save.”
  8. Next, visit Compliance Management. Click on electronic discovery and hold in-place. Click on New (+).
  9. You can then mention your name in In-Place’s eDiscovery and Hold dialogue, then click on Next.
  10. Search all Office 365 mailboxes now with ‘Search All Mailboxes.’ Or add mailboxes to search and add using ‘+’.
  11. Once you’ve set up the filter, click on the Next button to continue the search query screen.
  12. The dialogue box In-Place Hold Setting dialog box opens. You can set how long items will remain on the server before they are deleted. Click the Finish button.
  13. A confirmation message will be displayed. To confirm, click on Ok.
  14. The search results will now be displayed on your screen. Next, click Export to .pst file.

Manual Method Limits Backup Office 365 Emails

  • Manual Method Limits Backup Office 365 Emails Manual backup can be time-consuming and frustrating. It requires a lot of focus. You will have to make a new start if you make mistakes. It could lead to the corruption of your Outlook data file.
  • It is impossible to export all emails, schedules, and addresses.
  • The user can’t filter the emails.
  • Professionals with technical expertise are best equipped to use this manual technique.

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Best Solution to Backup Office 365 Data

Users can now use the native Office 365 backup tool after we have discussed its limitations. Aryson Office 365 Email Backup Software. This application can backup Office 365 mailboxes into a PST format. These features are available to you.

  • Office 365 mailboxes can be backed up to PST or other file formats.
  • Retrieves mailboxes from OST or PST files and then imports them into Office 365.
  • A professional way to store Office 365 data offline on a remote system.
  • Office 365 Admin, their user accounts’ email, public files, and archive folders are backed up.
  • OST/PST mailboxes can be imported into Office 365 mailboxes and public folders.
  • You can migrate the Emails into Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and OperaMail.
  • You can select Office 365 mailbox backups based on a date range by using the Date Filter settings.
  • You can download a free trial version of Office 365 Backup & Restore Software for up to 50 mailbox items.

Wrap Up

In this post, Discussion about the benefits of third-party solutions to backup Office 365 emails. It includes contacts, emails, and calendars. Third-party software is better for backing up Office 365 data. This software has many advantages. Users can choose to backup Office 365 data using this method, and they can use it easily.

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