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How to Increase Engagement in A Blog Post Using Video?

Using videos for your blogs and websites is the new way to increase engagement. And as people have started to popularise video content, it now dominates the digital and branding space.

If you haven’t started using videos in your blog post already, you should start doing it now. Videos will get you the much-needed conversions.

Statistics have proven that video content gets you the ROI better than any other form of content. It is already popular among viewers, so it won’t be long before it becomes the most sought-after means to convey content for marketing agencies and businesses as well if it isn’t already.

If you are a business trying to go inside the marketing side, then video content is something you must invest in.

Here, the question arises: what type of video content should you invest in?

Video marketing is of various types like explaining videos, promotional videos, trending videos, PR videos, motion graphics, animations, introduction videos, etc. With editing tools available that come with templates like promo video templates, it’s never been easier to implement videos.

Based on the needs of your business, you can choose the type of video and how you use it for your business.

Read on to understand video content for your business in depth.

Why Does Video Content Work?


Video content works because it is easier to grasp information that is visually enchanting as compared to the information that you must read with data. To put it simply, video is comparatively easier to take in.


Videos are the most trending way of connecting with the audience. You can share your business products or services so that viewers can relate to the struggles and be impressed by the solutions you offer. 


Videos are a way that would make you look more accessible, and your audience can gain trust in you. An open-ended video would give you space to interact and talk with your audience. 


Reels and Shorts are very short in length, so people do not need to take a special time of the day to spend checking something out. This is one of the reasons that video content is so popular.

People generally prefer to binge-watch tiny videos rather than watch one long video.

Ways to Use Video in Blog Posts

Background Video on The Homepage

Putting videos in the introduction part of your homepage will give your visitors an idea about your business in the first go. These videos will tell your audience what your business is about just from one look.

They will help to engage with your customers further. If they are impressed by the video on your homepage, they will go further on the next page of your blog.

Also, these videos will build a brand reputation and give your blog much-needed viewership and engagement.

Explainer Video on The Homepage

A product or business explaining video will be the kind of video that grips your customer about the details they need. These videos are not like introductory videos and do not take up much of the visual space of your page.

Keep them as a smaller thumbnail but an obvious one that highlights what the video is all about. You can use a video maker that helps you create animated videos that would cater to your niche.

A how-to video will help your audience gain a much-needed summary of the advantages and uses of the product. Despite being just an introductory video on your homepage, an explainer video will enhance engagement and set your business apart.

Educational and Effective Video Content for Brand

Making trendy, educational, and quality content will grasp your audience better and enhance engagement.

An educational video is the most effective type of content as it is easier to take in and is hence popular among video creators and digital marketers. These videos will help you generate more leads and maintain relevance with your existing customers.

You can also make educational videos specific to your niche that would come in handy to them while using your product or in their regular lives.

Additionally, you can bring in traffic by offering free registration on webinars on your video content. As it offers such opportunities, these videos are impactful and improve your lead generation.

Product Videos for Branding

A product video showcasing the minor and major uses of the product will leave a bigger impact than a 1000-word article. These videos will put your brand in perspective of your audience in the way you want your brand to be placed.

You can use various video makers to make product unboxing videos, product description videos, product usage videos, or virtual demos of your product. You can choose the type of video depending on the need of the brand.

Also, such video content helps you set a tone for branding and puts your business in the eyes of your customer as a brand. Your customers can relate, view, and engage with your brand. This will build a trust factor in your brand and will humanise it more.

Feedback or Review Videos

Feedback videos are most likely the most important type of video for your blog. They are testimonials from people who have used your products or services and have found them worthy and given them a positive review.

You can ask your existing customers to create such videos and post them on your website or blog.

These videos fall in the arena of User Generated Content. It will be useful when prospective customers come to your website and see positive reviews about your brand, product, or business.

This will build the trust factor for your potential customer base and will revive the trust and brand loyalty in your existing customer base.


You can use a combination of the above-listed ways and make your blog stand out. Just make sure that you prioritise the quality of your video over everything else. Remember that the video you are creating and uploading will, in many ways, be the face of your website or blog and will be the first thing that will create an impression on your potential customer.

So, create content with high-quality relevance and one that proves its utility while still being in trend. Remember, video content will gain your views and engagement like no other medium. So be sure to be relevant and make use of the right tools to create varied types of videos for your business so you can get the best results.

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