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Take Your Brand to New Height – Embed Facebook Feed on Website

Facebook is the social media king simply because it provides amazing features and facilities that help users to express them and boost the reach of their content. Moreover, the regular updates and various mediums to express make it a popular platform, and hence it attracts people on the platform.

People use Facebook to share their images, write their thoughts, provide updates about any ongoing event, or upload videos. For individuals, it is a medium to voice their opinions, and for businesses, it is a tool to capture more audiences. With such a variety of content, businesses often embed Facebook feed on the website. 

The world is taking a long stride towards digitalization, where they are more encouraged to buy online goods and visit brand websites to fulfill their purpose. As a result, businesses pay great attention to maintaining website quality and bringing an appeal to them just to attract more customers and enhance their reputation. This blog will discuss some of the major benefits of embedding Facebook feed on the website and then find the simplest way to do it further in the blog. 

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How Embedding Facebook Feed on Website Helps Your Business

As mentioned above, in this age of the internet, websites play a vital role in gathering a crowd and therefore provide great aid in attaining more sales and building a customer base.  With the significance of the website on businesses, Facebook feed has the following advantages.

1. Adds an appeal to your website

Facebook is known to provide variation of the content. Hence Facebook feeds consist of images, videos, blogs, and more. By embedding them on your website, you can increase the visuals of your website. 

People usually prefer visiting a colorful and vibrant website as it enhances their browsing experience. In addition, a colorful and vibrant website also creates a great impression on visitors and eventually helps businesses enhance their website traffic and attain more sales.

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2. Increases website traffic

As mentioned, a vibrant and lively website attracts more people and consequently increases website traffic. There are various ways in which website traffic can be beneficial. For example, increased website traffic can also enhance your search engine rankings; therefore, if anyone will search anything related to your business on a search engine. Due to better ranking, your website will be suggested to the individuals, resulting in increased brand recognition.  

3. Keeps visitors engaged on the website

Facebook users are very creative and provide great entertaining and engaging content; with the help of social media aggregators, you can collect posts related to your business and embed them on your business. In addition, your visitor can scroll through feeds and view the content that you’re displaying on your website.

4. Strengthen your Facebook strength 

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. People even consider a brand precaution based on their social media strength. Also, social media is a great way for businesses to stay connected with consumers and provide any further information related to your business. Embedded Facebook feed provides a sneak to your visitor into your Facebook presence and provides you with the option to follow you on the platform. It is one of the simplest ways to attain more audience for your social media handles and increase your followings.

5. Provides a boost to UGC

User-generated content is marketing gold, and businesses pay high attention to boosting UGC related to their brand as it helps them attain more brand awareness and boost their reach. As a user creates content related to your business, the user’s social circle gets to know about your brand and increases your brand recognition.

Embedding Facebook feeds on the website is the best way to boost the UGC; customers feel valued when a brand showcases their content on the website. It encourages other consumers as well to prepare content related to your brand and get a feature on the website.

As you know a few major reasons to embed Facebook feeds on the website, let’s learn how you can easily embed them on your website.

Simplest Way to Embed Facebook Feed on the Website  

There are various ways by which you can embed Facebook feed on your website, but for your convenience, we have discovered the simplest way to do so: social media aggregator tools. And while we talk about social media aggregators, we should give a special mention to Tagembed. It is one of the popular tools that are known for its budget-friendly prices and amazing features. 

With just two simple steps you can easily embed Facebook feed on your website using Tagembed. These steps are:

  • Collecting Facebook feed using Tagembed
  • Embed Facebook feed on website

1. Collecting Facebook Feeds using Tagembed

  • Sign up to Tagembed account or login using your credentials. 
  • On the dashboard, click on the Create Widget button and provide an appropriate name for your widget.
  • Choose Facebook as your source and provide the appropriate connection type.
  • Click on create feed. 

And that is it; your screen will be displaying Facebook feed. You can now customize the feed as per requirements by clicking on the Personalize option on the menu bar. Here you can change the feed’s font style, colors, font size, and more. Also, you can explore the tool and use other features.

2. Embed Facebook feed on website 

  • Click on the Embed Widget button on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • On the pop-up dialog box, choose your desired CMS platform.
  • Adjust the height and width of your widget according to your need.
  • Copy the embedding code on your clipboard and paste it on the backend of your website.

And that is it; your website will be ready to show Facebook feed on the website. 


Facebook is known for providing entertaining and engaging content; people often get hooked to the content as it instills an interest in their minds. By embedding Facebook feeds on the website, you can bring the same vibe on your website and gather more audience to enhance your sales eventually. Using Tagembed not only eases your embedding process but also provides various other features that help you amplify your website’s performance.

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