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How To Embed Facebook Widget On Website – Try Best 5 Tools to do it

Displaying Facebook feeds on the website is one of the best ways to effectively increase user engagement, increase the brand’s reach, improve brand visibility and awareness, and of course, it helps in increasing sales. 

When brands embed Facebook Widget on the website, it gives brands a golden opportunity to display the content created by the users or loyal customers of the brand. Such content is commonly referred to as User-Generated Content, and potential customers completely trust such content and look for reviews before making a purchase. 

Another major advantage of displaying the Facebook feed on the website is that it beautifies the site’s overall look, leading to an increase in the dwell time of the visitors to the website. 

If you are convinced to embed Facebook Widget on your website, you must be wondering about the process. 

Continue reading the blog till the end, as you will get to know about the top 5 tools to embed Facebook Widget on the website. Using these tools is extremely easy and does not require any coding skills or technical experience. 

Let’s get started! 

The Top 5 Tools To Embed Facebook Widget On Website 

Taggbox Widget 

The first tool on the list is Taggbox Widget. Taggbox Widget is the best UGC platform and Facebook content aggregation platform that effortlessly lets you collect, curate, and embed Facebook widget on the website

Being a highly responsive tool, Taggbox offers many features to its users, including the ability to customize the widget as per your requirements. It offers various options to select from themes, layouts, colour options, fonts, etc. 

The advanced moderation panel allows the users to moderate the content using the profanity filter and remove any unwanted content, as maintaining premium quality content is mandatory. 

Taggbox also offers its users an analytics feature where the users can track the performance of the widget. They can get an impression of the number of clicks, the number of users visited, behavioural analysis, etc.

Moreover, Taggbox integrates all the major website building platforms, and the users can easily embed Facebook widget on the preferred platform of their choice following a few steps. 


Another efficient social media aggregator is Elfsight, which lets users easily link their Facebook photos to their website. The tools allow users to set the height and width of the widget as per their requirements. 

Moreover, the tool offers various customization options to choose from. You can choose from several different colours, themes, layouts, and designs and choose the best fit. 

Smash Balloon 

Smash balloon displays Facebook posts using a plugin. Smash balloon uses a responsive plugin to display User-Generated Content from the platform. 

Smash balloon offers other additional features like customization and a moderation panel to its users to filter out any unwanted content and make the Facebook feed more attractive.

Another efficient tool to embed Facebook Widget on the website is Using this tool enables the users to collect and embed Facebook Widget on the website and evaluate the audience’s participation. 

This tool is highly responsive for embedding photos and videos from Facebook to the website. The tool is easy to set up and can be used easily following a few easy steps mentioned on the website. 

Official Facebook Embedded Posts 

Facebook also understands the significance of embedding Facebook content on the website, and hence it offers an option to its users to embed the posts on their website directly from the platform. 

All that users have to do is navigate to the post, click on the three dots present and click on embed. Simply copy the shortcode and embed it on the web page’s backend where they wish to embed the feed, and it will be done! 

The biggest drawback of this tool is that it is too time-consuming, and the users will have to embed every post one at a time. It does not allow the users to embed the entire content using a specific connection type at once. 

However, the other tools mentioned in the blog ease the process by embedding the content all at once by just selecting the source and following a few simple steps. 

Final Thoughts 

We have reached the end of the blog, and you got to know about the best 5 tools on the internet. Even though there are multiple options available on the internet, it would be quite difficult to select the best bet. 

Through this blog, we have made it easier for you to shortlist and select the best Facebook embedding tool. 

Now, all you have to do is, select the best option from the mentioned 5 options and start embedding your Facebook feed right away to gain maximum results from this amazing marketing strategy! 

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