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Facebook Custom Audience & Offline Activity In 2022

Facebook gets 2.93 billion active users monthly, and it always innovates new features/services to dominate the market competition. Facebook helps advertisers in many forms, and among them, the most popular feature is “Custom Audience.” 

And Facebook shocked the advertisers again when it released the “off-facebook activity” feature. If you don’t know, what Facebook Custom Audience & Offline Activity is, read this article till the end.  

This article covers every detail of Facebook Custom Audience and offline activity.

What is Facebook Custom Audience?

Custom Audience is simply an advertising targeting tool that assists you to target specific audiences who have already interacted with your business in some form. It helps Facebook advertisers to lead ads to an interested audience of people.

You can create a custom audience of people from sources like app activity, engagement on Facebook, customer lists, and websites and apps. You can create a custom audience from the ad manager on Facebook, and you can make up to 50 custom audiences per ad account.

Facebook Custom Audiences 101: The Complete Guide for Marketers

The custom audience is the most targeted form of marketing which is the still-growing popular among eCommerce stores. 

There exist 3 major types of audiences on Facebook:

  • Core Audience: Based on areas and interests.
  • Custom Audience: People that have engaged with your business.
  • Lookalike Audience: People that have similar interests to your best customer. 

Ways to create Custom Audiences

There are five major ways to create a Facebook custom audience:

Customer List Custom Audience

The customer list custom audience is created from the list of people.

Information like name, email, and phone number should be uploaded to Facebook. You can upload information about your newsletter subscribers. 

Facebook converts this information into hashed information and matches it with corresponding Facebook profiles. This helps to connect with existing customers on Facebook and remarket your product to those Facebook audiences.

You can create ads targeted to the list of customers to open your sales funnel page. You can use audience insights to check your potential audience.

Custom Audience using the website

These customers are constructed from your website visitors. To accomplish that, first, you need to enable the Facebook pixel. 

Facebook pixel matches the people on Facebook with those who visited your website/online store. You can target all website visitors.

 You can customize it to target visitors who visited your website in the last 30 days. You can start Facebook ad campaigns, offer discounts and lead ads to make the audience purchase your product.

When you use the Facebook pixel, your website will contain a 1*1 pixel on your website.

Engagement Custom Audience

You can create these audiences from the people who have visited and interacted with your business. You can easily market people who visited your profile, liked your post, watched the videos, and opened lead forms.

Facebook Ads Custom Audience: Everything You Need ...

App activity custom audience

If you own an app for business, you can create a custom audience from people who have interacted with your app. 

For example, you can target who visited and interacted with your business. You can also target the cart abandoners who didn’t buy from your store.

Note: You’ll have to install Facebook SDK to transfer the data from the app to Facebook.

Offline activity custom audience

If you own a brick-motor business, this custom audience is very beneficial to you. It consists of people who visited your offline store and interacted with it, and the people who are near your business location can be targeted. 

What is Facebook Offline Activity?

Facebook Offline Activity is an abstract of activities that the organizations and businesses share with Facebook about users’ interactions with other websites and apps. These apps and websites use Facebook business tools such as a Facebook pixel or Facebook login to share data with Facebook.

Now the concern is what does Facebook do with your offline activities?

  • Facebook shows you more relevant ads which can be customized using Ads Preferences.
  • Assists you in searching for new brands and businesses.
  • Aids businesses and organizations understand how their apps and websites are performing.
  • Helps Facebook recognize doubtful activities to keep Facebook safe.

Review your Facebook offline activities

These are the step to do to review your off-facebook activities:

Review your Facebook offline activities from a mobile app

If you use Facebook from a mobile app, then follow these processes:

  1. Go to Facebook settings.
  1. Scroll down to Permission.
  1. Click on an ‘off-facebook activity,’ and you can review the websites and apps.
  1. You can control which websites and apps to turn off.

Review your Facebook offline activities from the website

If you use Facebook from a browser website, then you can follow this step:

  1. Click on ‘setting and privacy’ and select ‘setting.’
  1. Click on ‘Your Facebook information.’
  1. Select the view button on ‘off-facebook activity.’
  1. You can review your Facebook offline activities.

If you don’t want to use this feature you can turn them off from this setting or you can also lock your Facebook profile.

Advantages of Facebook custom audience and offline activity

Here are some advantages of using Facebook custom audience and off-facebook activity provides:

  1. With the help of Facebook’s custom audience, you know who can be the possible prospect of your brand products. Then, you can convert these prospects into sales/leads when you know that.
  1. The ROI using Facebook’s custom audience will be higher than another metric. When someone is engaging with your brand, it builds ‘brand trust,’ and the audience is more probable to buy your product. You can easily sell to your current customer.
  1. You can use lookalike audiences to target audiences who have similar tastes to your current customer. They may be more likely to buy what you have to offer.
  1. Digital means has helped customer engage with the brands they like and vice versa. Establishing an off-Facebook audience helps gain other users’ attention. You can smoothly retract the audience who likes your post or interacts with your business in any way.
  1. You can use Facebook’s custom audiences to promote your ads and grow your following.


Users on Facebook are huge and are still growing. Money is there where lots of audiences are. And for businesses, knowing and understanding whom to target ads helps market their ads and sell their product and services. This is all made possible by Facebook’s custom audience and offline activity.

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