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QuickBooks Error 1328: Easy Fixation Methods For ALL

Screen twinkling with QuickBooks Error 1328? Updating the software? Installing QuickBooks? Uninstalling QuickBooks? All these situations can be the reasons for the existence of QuickBooks Update Error 1328. In this article, we will guide you to handle this error and clear it out from your system. Let us start with some basics. 

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Introduction 

Error 1328 Quickbooks Update is a basic Qbs error that exists when a user performs installation, uninstallation, repairing, or the QBs updating process. It will come up as c:/**.TMP. This is a temporary folder location that keeps all the data and launches the installation again at times of installation failure.   

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Causes & Reasons 

The causes and reasons for prevalence of QuickBooks error 1328 are:

  • Unclean download and installation of the software QuickBooks.
  • Damaged QBs files. 
  • Network and connection issues while downloading QBs.
  • Malware, viruses and ransomware threats. 
  • Invalid entries during the uninstall of the software. 
  • Failure in updates and installation.
  • Instant shut down.

Detecting QuickBooks Error Code 1328

  • In case the updating or installation process is restricted.
  • Quickbooks release update error message 1328: This text error comes up.
  • The commands’ response time becomes high.
  • Your system freezes from time to time. 
  • Mouse & other input commands do not respond properly. 

QuickBooks Update 1328 Error: Best Methods To Fix

The solutions to solve Error 1328 QuickBooks are:

Method 1: Finding the config.msi File

  • From the Desktop, go to My Computer.
  • Navigate to the Drive C.
  • Under the drive, you need to go to the Hidden files and folders.
  • For the hidden files and folders, use the option named Tools and then the Folders option.
  • Select Options and then tap on the Hidden files as well as folders.
  • Tap on Apply All Changes and then click on OK.
  • Moving further with a right-click on the file config.msi and rename it with old^ before the file extension. .
  • Lastly, hit Enter and it will assist you in protecting your PC and other hidden files.

Method 2: Reinstall QuickBooks Via Clean Installation 

After getting the software, you can use the QuickBooks clean install tool to reinstall QuickBooks. The steps to do this are.

  1. With a CD installation Package, you can easily clean install QuickBooks directly.
  2. Visit the Intuit QuickBooks website development, you need to find the software and download it. Open the exe file and do as per the screen guidelines of the installer wizard, complete the process, and lastly, tap on Finish.

Method 3: Using Registry Repair Tool 

  • Firstly, apply the registry repair tool and start diagnosing the registry entries of the software.
  • Moving further, use a malware tool removal and prevent the virus and other malware attacks.
  • Remove all the temporary, broken, corrupted, outdated, and junk files.
  • Remove all the existing PC drivers that are old and outdated.
  • Now, restore the settings via the option Undo under Recent System Changes.
  • In the Control panel, as guided above, uninstall QuickBooks and do a clean reinstallation.         
  • Perform the Scan and access the Windows System File Checker (SFC).
  • All the important updates can be easily uninstalled now.

Method 4: Quickbooks Installation Repair

  • Firstly, click on the Start Menu and type in the Control Panel in the search field. 
  • Navigate to the tab Programs and Features.
  • From the list, select QuickBooks desktop and then uninstall.
  • Further the QBs installer comes up, click on the tab Repair. 
  • Moving on, apply the patch once this process is done and then access the application. 

Method 5: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool 

  • Firstly, download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool from the official Intuit website.
  • After downloading, open the exe file and the installer wizard will open up.
  • Accept the license agreement along with following the on-screen guidelines. Install the tool.
  • Open the installed tool.
  • After the components are updated, restart the system at last. 

Method 6: Windows Update

C++, MSXML, and Microsoft .Net components assist majorly in the functioning of QuickBooks. So you must have the Windows OS updated. To do so, read below.

  • Firstly, click on the Start Menu and type in windows updates in the search field. 
  • A windows updates icon will come up on the screen. Click on it.
  • Further, select the option Check for Updates.
  • A list of update options will come up. Choose the latest available version.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the Windows Update.
  • Lastly, you now have to reboot the system.

Ending Words on How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1328

This post is an informative guide with all concepts associated with QuickBooks Error 1328 including the basics, causes for prevalence and most importantly, the easy and detailed solutions to kick this error out of the system. With our detailed solutions, we hope you are no longer stuck in any more issues and QuickBooks errors. 

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