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Top 5 Reasons Why Minecraft Is So Popular In Gaming Community

Minecraft is a game, first and foremost, about versatility. Even the name for the style of play Minecraft embodies, the sandbox game, conveys the wonders of exploration, creation, or doing pretty much whatever you want to do within the confines of the game world. 

You can play the game solo, of course, but the world of Minecraft becomes much bigger and more satisfying when you invite others in, whether sitting beside you on the couch co-op style or through online gaming servers. These servers exist in two major types: private and public servers.

Private servers allow you to host a smaller percentage of players through an invitation into your realm, or you can join a friend’s. This experience is, of course, limited by how many friends you have and the quality of your friends. While this can indeed create a suitably peaceful environment for building (depending on said friends), adventuring, or other activities, the experience is quite different from playing on a public server, where virtually anyone and everyone could show up at any given time.

Here are 5 reasons why a Minecraft public server is very popular: 

1. Meet New People

Everyone has to start somewhere. Some people have few friends, or the ones they have may not be interested in Minecraft. Before you can even consider a private realm, you have to have people that can populate it, or you are better off playing single-player. 

The public servers are full of wild and outlandish characters from all walks of life, some of which will drive you crazy and others who may form a bond of friendship with you that can never be broken, not even by an Ender Dragon. It is not uncommon for players who meet online to find romance, sometimes transcending to genuine real-life relationships –even matrimony!

The point is, if you need a posse, the public servers will have a multitude of exciting individuals, so you are sure to find plenty of new friends, some of which you may even wish to keep. 

2. Explore New Worlds and Civilizations

Sure, you can restart Minecraft maps on your own and witness whatever auto-generated variety of worlds the game may throw at you. Still, there is another level of exploration when you step foot into a public server. Here there be players — inhabiting the worlds, building and sculpting the landscape with their talents, creating astonishing works of precision and delicacy . . . and a whole lot of shifty architecture. 

Seriously though, there are some incredibly talented individuals out there who are not afraid to pour ludicrous amounts of time into creating a complete rendition of Hogwarts or the entire world of the Lord of the Rings if given the opportunity. This is part of what makes the public servers so interesting – it evolves from the players. 

Each world you enter will showcase players’ talents, creating a new experience to enjoy with every new realm you explore.

3. Experience Different Activities

In many cases, private modes are limited as to what you can do because you only have a few players. Public servers can take things to a whole new level, however. With the ability to collect large numbers of players, you can participate in building competitions or large-scale battles. You could hold a contest to see who can create the most impressive example of a particular building or place and have everyone vote. You can even participate in cooperative activities, such as a large number of people working toward a universal building project. 

Minecraft is a cold world of code and automated reactions to player actions. With the ability to inject a server with human creativity and innovation on a broad scale, you can turn the game into something far more interesting in which more players will have a vested interest. 

4. Longevity and Excitement

Starting worlds over again and again can quickly become repetitive and uninspiring. Even when you have a friend or two in tow, you can do only so many things before everyone gets bored. Soon everyone wants to start a new world to try something different, and after a while, even that becomes old hat. 

Popular public Minecraft servers are built for longevity – there is always something to do and someone to do something new with. You can try different game modes that you may not have tried on your own, which can prove more enjoyable with a lot of people roaming about, helping you out, sharing the adventure, or perhaps stalking you to your death. 

The point is these worlds are dynamic and interesting, constantly evolving, and there are far more people and adventures to get involved in that give you a reason to return again and again. Joining a game with a bunch of strangers doesn’t mean you can’t bring your friends along, and some of the best and most enduring memories are those you share with your friends, interacting with new and unusual people. 

5. Unpredictability

The best reason to play on a public server is the unpredictability. You never know what will happen when you throw a bunch of strangers into a Minecraft world. Sure, there will be irritating people and those who are offensive, but there are always downsides to bringing a group of unknown factors together.

More important is how interesting and exciting it can be to watch people interact. There are many creative and sporadic people out there who are a joy to interact with, especially those with a sense of humor or a penchant for trickery. Even if you are not involved in a particular fiasco, witnessing it can be a lot of fun and provide a break from the monotony of building or survival. 

The Bottom Line

We have seen so many games trending and being very popular, like earlier we have seen the Era of Pacman, Mario, Street Fighter, King Of Fighters, Gta Vice City, San Andreas, and now we are considering the Minecraft. A Minecraft server has many benefits for those who wish for their solitude or want to spend a quiet evening with a friend or two. However, the game is much better when opened up to the infinite possibilities of interacting with a virtually unlimited set of personalities. You can find new friends, compete or cooperate on new and exciting endeavors, explore new worlds and player architecture, or sit back and watch people cause trouble and mayhem.

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