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5 Design and Content Tips for a Stunning and Impactful Website

5 Design and Content Tips for a Stunning and Impactful Website

Nowadays, it’s a “must:” have a website! However, just having a presence isn’t enough to showcase your professionalism. While there’s a lot more to a website than looks, creating the right impression from the moment people find themselves on your landing page means a better chance of keeping people on your website once they find it. And the longer they’re on your site, the more chance you have of gaining a customer. 

1. Click, Click Eye Candy!

Presenting people with solid blocks of text, no matter how informative, is enough to send them running for the hills – or your competitors’ websites! Choose pleasant images and keep them on the brand by placing them against a background that matches your colours. A background remover app helps you to turn candid shots into studio portraits. Keep text to a few lines between images and use the pictures to do most of the work involved in telling your story. 

2. Keep Text Design and Content Punchy and Meaningful

When you create a website you’ll be keeping text to a minimum on your landing pages, the text you use must be carefully chosen. Try not to sound like every other website in your niche. Highlight points of difference, make powerful statements, and choose language that’s positive and actionable. Never leave your website visitors with a puzzle to solve. What you want is at-a-glance recognition of what you do and why you’re so good at it. 

3. Optimise Your Site Map for Ease of Use

Never make people click twice to find one piece of information. Consider how customers would arrive at your site and make any information they may look for only one click away. Remember that while a few people may be interested in you and your business, most website visitors are only interested in finding solutions that can help them. If they like your products, they may inspect the company behind them, but it’s supporting information rather than a way to make a sale. 

4. When You Do Talk About Yourself, Avoid Cliches

Do you want to sound like everyone else? You shouldn’t! Every business says that it has dynamic leadership, customer orientation, and innovative solutions. If you’re going to use catchphrases like these, be ready to explain why, because on their own, they’re as meaningless as saying you have the “best” products. Set out to impress and you will keep your audience. If you want to engage them, talk to them using persuasive language that resonates with them because it’s genuine. Always put your customers first. What do they want from you, and why should they choose you? 

5. Give Them a Reason to Come Back

I regularly visit a website that… wait for it… sells car tyres. Why on earth would I do that? It’s because the website owner regularly posts helpful motoring tips that go beyond the usual “How to Know When Your Tyres Need Replacing.” I see him as a motoring expert. And his posts are not only informative, but entertaining. 

Your blog is one of the most important areas of your website. It’s so much more than a place where you can weave SEO keywords into your text. Post interesting information, feature your blog on your social media posts. Offer free information that everyone wants. Too many companies think their blog is just an SEO add-on – they even hide it by not linking it in their menus! Design your website to highlight useful, free info you’re offering. Use it for lead generation. Use it to be remembered. 

Look Good, Be Great

Website design begins with first impressions. How does it look? Is it clean or cluttered? Are the colours and imagery impactful? Once we’ve checked these boxes, we look for substance. Is this a place where we will find something we want and need? Provide good looks, relevance, and ease of use, and you’ll be better able to compete. Set yourself apart from the crowd! You can do it!

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