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Avoid geo-restrictions and access content that is blocked in your region

One could argue we have too many distractions, and continuous bombardment with various content can be overwhelming. Streaming video and audio services, gaming, live sports, and other niches of online entertainment are available to consumers. However, not all can enjoy new Netflix series or access Premier League games.

For users in some regions, such premium content is off-limits because of geo-restriction. Streaming services can remove popular shows from your region, or maybe the entire app is not accessible.

What is geoblocking?

Geoblocking is the action that restricts or outright blocks access to a website, content, or service. This involuntary ban is based on the user’s location. Being outside the US is tough if you want to watch Hulu, and similar issues plague avid gamers who like Xbox Game Pass in some countries.

The service provider can impose Blocking based on location, but you can also face other types of geo-restrictions imposed by governments. Each time some company, service, country, or other entity uses geo-restrictions, they use the same principle.

How do geo-restrictions work?

If you start browsing, your device will send a package containing your IP address. This complex piece of information has details about your domain, network, and even client device name. Internet Service Providers, destination servers, and other Internet users can see your IP, and in the case of knowledgeable users, they can find out your exact location.

Services that impose restrictions rely solely on IP addresses. The destination can analyze the data sent, and If it comes from an IP from an unsupported or blocked location, you can get a not-supported message instead of a favorite show.

A globalized world doesn’t mean you can look at whatever you want. Sports broadcasts are a great example, as TV rights are extremely expensive, and some regions can’t have access to games. That means that matches from your favorite club you’ve watched for years can suddenly be off-limits.

But it can be more subtle than that. Users who upload videos on platforms like YouTube can set restrictions, and videos can be blocked in some regions. Pandora is a popular streaming service that is not available without a USA IP address.

The best way to bypass geoblocking

Because geoblocking relies on blocking IP addresses, using tools that hide or modify your IP is the best way to go around this measure. A proxy server is convenient because it hides your IP and acts as a middleman between your client device and the destination server.

Users that go over proxies can fool the destination address as though they are coming from local legitimate IPs. The leading proxy feature for geo-restrictions is the ability to offer IPs from countries or locations with access to the desired service.

You can find specialized proxies like Facebook proxy that help users bypass restrictions from social media or countries that limit the service. As a bonus in proxies like these, you can also use it professionally as a marketer to create multiple accounts without getting banned.

Types of proxy servers

If you’re looking for specific Facebook proxies or proxies for different purposes, you can pick from a couple of the most commonly used types of proxy servers.

Datacenter proxies are associated with data centers and offer unprecedented speed and availability. The main benefit is the vast number of IPs available. It is also the speediest proxy option. Simultaneously, such proxy servers can look generic to destination servers as they are not connected to Internet Service Providers. In most cases, you can avoid geo-restrictions with this type of proxy server.

However, social media might be more challenging to crack, especially if you want to handle multiple accounts simultaneously. Residential proxies offer authentic IPs connected to IPS providers in the destination country. Such proxies can be more expensive and not as fast as datacenter proxies. But, for advanced algorithms and meticulous services, residential proxy servers can look more authentic and difficult to detect.

Mobile proxy servers are similar to residential proxy servers, but instead of relying on IPS IP addresses, they offer IPs associated with mobile networks. Mobile proxies thrive with high authenticity but can struggle with speed and reliability.

There are other ways to bypass location restrictions, like VPN software. While it offers similar services, it comes with some additional features. However, they are also more expensive, and you might not need everything it offers. You can also try the Tor browser. Because your client device changes IP address depending on the network it connects to, you can also travel to the region where services are available, which would be crazy and expensive.


Like no time in history, you can enjoy so much entertainment online. Having geo-restrictions can really limit access to premium content. Location can hinder users looking for streaming, gaming, or other content.

The most convenient way to go around such annoyances is by using the proxy server. By altering your IP, you can avoid restrictions. Whether you use a datacenter, residential or mobile, depends on your needs. However, don’t go with free proxies and consult the best providers to unlock the full potential of proxies.

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