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Some terrific Email Marketing tactics for E-commerce

Creating an email list is one of the most advantageous parts of operating a standalone online business. Emails are the oldest and one of the most widely used forms of digital communication, hence employing them for marketing purposes can be so profitable. Established ecommerce business owners are aware that email is one of the most lucrative marketing platforms.

For running a successful ecommerce business, it is vital to communicate with customers often about delivery updates, purchase confirmations, order details, and other transactional facts. And Email Marketing aids in exploding user engagement, fostering consumer loyalty, disseminating helpful knowledge, announcing the hottest discounts, and increasing sales.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the process of shooting emails in the form of a commercial message to various numbers of people at a time. It is a popular tool for marketing used for promoting the products or services of a particular business. 

What is the importance of Email Marketing in an E-commerce business?

E-commerce is a business where you have to constantly keep in touch with your customers and Email Marketing can be the best helping hand in doing so. According to some data, there are 4 Billion daily users of email which will be increased to 4.6 Billion by 2025. So you can imagine how helpful email marketing can be for your business.

  • Unlike SMM or SEO, email marketing is a special method in which you control every aspect of the channel. Most essentially, you are the owner of your email subscribers’ list.
  • Despite being one of the most established E-commerce marketing strategies, email marketing still offers the best ROI for online store owners who use it well.
  • Email marketing helps you to reach your online customers easily and efficiently.
  • You can improve sales at a low cost by reaching and connecting with your target audience with a powerful email marketing approach.

Effective E-commerce Email Marketing strategies

Let us check some of the most efficient email marketing strategies for E-commerce for increasing your revenue, attracting new consumers, and re-engaging existing ones.

  1. Mobile Optimization:

According to a survey, 75% of people open their emails on smartphones more often compared to desktop or a laptop.

Use responsive templates and formatting that automatically adjust on the user’s mobile display screen. If your email has complicated formatting or it takes forever to load then users are not likely to open it and delete the mail instantly.

It is better to review the customer’s inbox experience to improve the email deliverability and as a result, the ultimate sales conversation rate.

  1. Segment your list:

Segmenting your email content based on user interests, purchases, favourite products, amount, cart size, etc. provides you with a higher click-through rate.

Email personalization increases email opening ratio, clicks, and interaction while lowering rejections, unsubscribes, and spam issues. Non-personalized promotional emails have lower transaction rates and revenue compared to personalized promotional emails. A customized and segmented email tends to bring higher conversion rates.

  1. Add CTA in Subject Line:

Your customers may already be flooded with a lot more emails and despite your best efforts to deliver beautifully designed emails with relevant content, there is a chance they would not open your mail. This is the reason why your call to action is so vital. 

Use your subject line as a call-to-action preview to encourage readers to open the email and benefit from it.

  1. Welcome emails:

If you want to convert a one-time shopper into a loyal client, you must make a great first impression when they sign up for your newsletter. And when they sign up, you will need to send them an automated welcome email sequence.

Sending a welcome email to new customers creates a positive image of your brand as customers would think that the company is trustable, quick responding, and cares about their customers. It will build a long-term relationship with your customers resulting in decent transactions and profits in your business.

  1. Utilize the right time to send mails:

At what time of the day does the average number of people check their mail? Working individuals would have time to check their mailbox probably in the morning and in the evening i.e., between 6-8 AM and from 8 PM to midnight. Email marketing uses a lot of algorithms and data behind it.

You should test the optimal timing to send the mail to your target audience. Furthermore, you can use “Automated trigger emails,” also called email marketing automation which delivers the mail content to each customer at the appropriate time. Any action taken by the user on your E-commerce site causes an email to be sent to their mailbox.

For example, if the customer adds the product to the cart and does not buy, an email is sent after some time reminding the customer to buy the product. This also decreases the cart abandonment rate. 

Some extra tips for effective E-commerce marketing:

  • Use promotional email marketing in the form of giveaway emails like free content, advice, news insights, discount codes, offers, free shipping, etc.
  • Grow your mailing list by asking visitors to subscribe to your mailing list or catching the customer’s data during checkout.
  • Reach out to your engaged customers and ask for their reviews.
  • Set up a referral program.
  • Notify your customers about Back in Stock and Wishlist items.
  • Send up-sell and cross-sell emails.
  • Learn about spam filters and save your emails going into spam.
  • Perform split testing
  • Track and monitor your email marketing campaign results.

These best E-commerce email marketing tips will offer you a solid foundation for developing your email marketing campaign, whether you are new to email marketing or trying to optimize your present setup.

Bottom Line:

For an E-commerce business, email marketing has a lot of potential. Your email marketing approach is essential for keeping in touch with clients and creating a positive experience with your online business. 

Remember that growing your email list is the first step in email marketing and that while expanding your list is the easy part, keeping your list engaged is more challenging but also more rewarding. Your email campaigns should be one of your most effective sales converting methods due to this high-quality email list obtained from customers or content subscribers.

Start planning your E-commerce email marketing strategies today to create efficient promotional and transactional email campaigns that will increase sales and help you grow your business.

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