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5 Reasons Why Local SEO Is Important for Your Contractor Business

Local SEO for contractors is vital for anyone wanting to see their business grow! Why is that? One reason is that some 85% of potential clients search for contractors online. Two, just publishing a site doesn’t guarantee that search engines, much less clients, will find it!

Consequently, contractors as well as small business owners and the self-employed should consider professional SEO services. If you’re a contractor with a website collecting more dust than leads, check out how SEO services can fix that! Then, you can talk to a professional SEO provider about how to improve that site and grow your business with contractor lead services.

1. First and foremost, local SEO for contractors gets your site found!

Often, people unfamiliar with the internet assume that search engines find any site published online. However, this just isn’t the case! Hundreds of algorithms, or “rules,” dictate how search engines like Google and Bing operate. Those algorithms tell search engines if certain sites are credible or if they should dismiss them as “spam.”

A professional SEO provider understands those algorithms and, in turn, ensures search engines see a site as legitimate. Consequently, when someone searches online for your service, those search engines are likely to include that site in their results.

2. Local SEO services help improve your site’s overall rank

When you search online for anything, how many websites do those results include? Chances are it’s hundreds, if not thousands. However, how many sites do you visit? If you’re like most, you might click on a few, but probably won’t browse past the first dozen sites.

This habit is another reason why local SEO for contractors is so vital! Professional SEO providers understand how to improve a website’s rank, or position in those results. In turn, your site will show up at the top of the list. When that happens, more people searching for your services will see your site, bringing more potential clients to your doorstep.

3. Professional SEO removes anything damaging search engine ranking

Professional SEO providers ensure websites have information needed for potential clients to find those sites online. However, they also know to remove anything damaging a site’s search engine ranking! For instance, search engines might read information copied from another website as plagiarism. In turn, they might not see that site as credible.

Also, search engines might do the same if you repeat a phrase too many times on a site. This can even include calls to action, such as “Call us right now!” A professional SEO provider checks for these and similar issues and performs needed editing.

4. An SEO provider knows what’s missing for contractors in particular

A company providing local SEO for contractors knows how potential clients search for various services online. In turn, they ensure a website includes specific information where needed. First and foremost, this includes variations of certain search terms or keywords, and major cities serviced.

As an example, consider a homeowner searching for power washing services in the Tampa, Florida, area. He or she might search online for “power washing,” “pressure washing,” “pressure washing Tampa,” and so on. Neglecting to include all these variations risks a search engine overlooking your site in their results!

However, professionals research keyword variations used by potential clients. Moreover, they note which nearby cities those potential clients also include when searching. In turn, they include this information on your website and help increase its overall visibility online.

5. Local SEO means local!

Most contractors work within a certain service area. However, without the right SEO services, you might find potential clients from all over the state contacting you! In turn, you might waste hundreds of hours every year talking to potential clients well outside your service area.

On the other hand, an SEO provider specializing in contractors ensures that he or she includes your service area information. Consequently, you’ll get fewer visitors from outside that area and won’t waste time having to weed them out yourself!

What’s the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO means making a website friendlier to search engines like Google or Bing. SEO is vital for any company relying on a website to do business, so search engines can find that site!

However, businesses that offer products or services only within a certain geographical area need local SEO. For instance, a website that ships products all over the country doesn’t need local SEO. On the other hand, contractors who work only within certain cities need local SEO. This service helps narrow down website visitors to those within that specific area.

If you still have questions about local SEO for contractors, contact the expert crew at LeadsForward. With a proven track record of results, LeadsForward is the team to trust for all your local SEO needs! To find out more, visit this page today.

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