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How To Optimize Images – Easy Hacks for Optimizing Images

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is all about reducing the size of the images without any effect on the quality of that product images. It also boosts image SEO and aid you to grade up on Google and other web browsers as well. The basic purpose of this is to give ease to the user, so they can download the high-quality data faster. SVG to png converter can be used to get better optimization results. The results of image optimization done automated by SVG file to png file converter to compress the image size is not so good than image optimized manually by SVG to png converter.

Image Optimization Hacks

Gaussian Blur JPEG Optimization

Gaussian blur alleviates the features of an image. To give a better view effect to an image, this trick is used to intensify the quality of the image. However, when a small amount of the Gaussian blur is introduced to an image, its size is optimized but the optical constancy is not changed.


This simple and easy to compress image size is like SVG to PNG converter, as it doesn’t harm the quality of the image but reduces only the size of the image to increase the conversion rate of the website. For posterization of the image you need to go to Image options, then select Adjustments and click Posterize. After completing this task check the edits done to the image file in real-time and set the levels to the shortest feasible assay you can have.

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Pixel-fitting is a technique that guarantees the high-quality optimization of an image by using SVG to png converter. Non-pictorial images such as logos of various companies and icons are generated by these vector graphics without any loss in quality.

Image Alt Text/Alt Tag

Now you have to pay attention to the image alt text – also called “alt attribute” or “alt-text”. Connected HTML code to the image on the website is used to report the development and purpose of the image on the webpage. Alt-text is vital in the matter of SEO as it helps you know in the case it is not getting loaded what the image should be image Alt text is helps you to promote your logo and brand’s identity online.


Image size also impacts conversion rate. The space image that needs to be on your server is the size of the image file. If the size of the file is longer, it will take time to load the image. To increase the dimensions of the image to make a better quality image with low file size.

Choose the Right Image Format

Resizing or image compression is of no use if you are not selecting a proper image format. You are required to use SVG to png converter by for image portraits having different colors. PNG is a format that saves space and saves it from getting a greater size, it can successfully be used in place of a jpg file. Whenever you need to attach animated images to your website you are required to use GIFS for this purpose.

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