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5 SEO trends to watch out in 2021

SEO has been around for decades, but it’s never been as important as it is today. A big reason is the rise of the search giant Google, which controls over 90% of the search traffic in the world. With Google’s ability to directly influence how people find what they’re looking for, the SEO industry has never been more vital.

Trend #1: Focus on User + Search Intent

As we move into the year 2021 and continue to watch how Google handles search and user intent, let’s take a look at some of the most important SEO trends to watch out in 2021. For the past several years, Google has employed a lot of “low hanging fruit” tactics for ranking results pages. First, of course, it’s been reducing Penguin, followed by the continued rollout of the Panda algorithm. 

This year, Google also announced that it would be using “Search Console” to determine whether there are any abusive links in the web pages of websites. This is a new and impactful development in the field of SEO, and it could be a leap forward in the way that Google views its search results pages.

Search engines today are all about technology and data. They are about algorithms that can predict what people are looking for before they even type it.

Trend #2: Customer Analytics, Retention & Lifetime Value

We all know that customer loyalty is key to a company making money. But what if I told you that there was a way to have more loyal customers than any company in the world and actually increase revenue instead of decreasing it? Imagine a company that has mastered the art of customer loyalty and retention and is able to connect to its clients on a more personal level. This is what customer analytics does.

Customer Analytics, Retention & Lifetime Value is all about the ability to measure and improve marketing efforts. It’s the key to the growth of your business and the need to make the right decisions that will affect your bottom line. As you look at the best online marketing examples, you’ll notice that all the best marketers offer a combination of analytics, retention and value-based marketing.

Customer success is a highly important aspect of the customer experience, since it’s the first time users will interact with your company after their product purchase. It is also the first time your company will be able to determine whether or not the customer will come back for more.

Trend #3: Brand SERP Optimization, Knowledge Graphs & Entities

In a recent survey that was conducted by an online marketing company, it was found that there is a 30% drop in the number of users using a keyword specific search engine. The reason for this decrease is that the real experts in SEO tend to use multiple search engines to optimize their website for each keyword search.

As more and more users browse the web on their mobile devices, the importance of SEO has grown, and the demand for results has risen as well. With the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Graph, more and more searches use information from Wikipedia, contact information, or social media profiles as a result.

SERP is the most important part of any search engine and what kind of SERP do you want to see for your brand? Do you want to see a general SERP for your niche or do you want to see a knowledge graph or entities? The truth is that you have multiple options and none of them are better or worse than the other. The only thing that matters is how well your brand fits into the SERP.

Trend #4: Core Web Vitals & Page Experience Optimization

Over the past few years, SEO has become a more sophisticated science, but the basic principles are still the same. The goal of any SEO campaign is to rank for keywords that drive traffic to your site. The way in which you do that depends on your own individual site, your targeted keywords, and the type of content you present. In this podcast, I’ll share some of the fundamentals of SEO and discuss some of the best practices for building your site’s Core Web Vitals. We’ll also discuss the importance of Page Experience Optimization and how it can impact your site’s SEO.

Web Vitals & Page Experience Optimization:

Page optimization is an ongoing process that needs to be continuously monitored to make sure it’s working for your site. The name says it all; it’s the optimization of the web page for its purposes.

There is no grand vision of the future for SEO. In fact, SEO is one of the most unpredictable parts of the web. But what is certain is that there are certain trends that are helping to push the industry forward, which we will discuss in this post.

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Trend #5: Content Depth

Content is king. It makes your website more discoverable, user-friendly and engaging. Yet, for many marketers, the question of “How much content should I have?” can be a bit overwhelming. While search engine professionals have the answers, you can take some cues from Google’s own efforts to help.

Content depth, or the spam-fighting metric referred to as “deeper content”, is the most important SEO trend you should be watching out for as we head into 2021. In this report we are going to explain why it’s happening, what you need to do to take advantage of it and how it will influence your SEO efforts.

There are a number of factors that a website owner can use to improve the visibility of their content on the internet. While they are not always easy to measure, the number of page views, page depth, and how an individual page is linked to other pages are all metrics that can show the content of a website.

The Internet has evolved over the last few years. We expect a lot more out of our websites, thanks for the content. We want to see an answer and not just a link. That’s why a lot of content today is rich and long-form, with visible callbacks to the earlier parts of the content, as well as links to related content. This is why I am excited about the future of content depth. Content that is not only about the product or service, but also about the company and the company’s vision.

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