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Top 10 Key Features of WhatsApp Clone Script?

Communication is a very important thing nowadays. And if it comes to a business then it is really crucial. At first, everyone used letters for communication. Then text messages came. One of the ways of communication is text messaging. We all used it before the era of instant messaging apps. But text messages come with a lot of problems like it has certain character limits, less deliver ability rate, and extra charges for customers when the character limit exceeds. these message apps charge a lot of money. Then as a mode of communication Gmail, text messages, pear devices, etc came.

As the day changes, the communication process has changed. there are a lot of instant messaging apps in market. 

Raise of WhatsApp:

For this instance, WhatsApp comes. It is one of the best instant messaging apps. Research shows that 80% of the world’s population uses instant messaging apps on their smartphones. WhatsApp is one of the apps which can give you a lot of facilities without any hesitation. WhatsApp can connect you with your family, friends, or your clients, too. You can share images, videos, audio, contact, locations, documents and GIF files, etc through WhatsApp. WhatsApp can give you the opportunity of a voice call or video call too. You can use emojis during chatting time which attracts many people. The craze of WhatsApp has increased day by day. In February 2017, WhatsApp had over 1.2 billion users globally and this is now reaching 1.5 billion monthly active users by the end of 2017. And that is not a low number.

What do you mean by WhatsApp clone?

WhatsApp clone is a duplicate version of WhatsApp. These apps are the framework containing the basic functionalities of the original app. Developers do not have to pay a lot of money or time for making these apps. One can get every facility in clone apps as real apps. Clone apps are really useful for business. A business owner should choose a reputed clone app for a development company that will cater to his/her specifications. You can read more here to know about the WhatsApp clone app. So here we are discussing the features which are important for a WhatsApp clone app.

  1. No Texting Limitations and messaging System:

Everyone uses WhatsApp for good communication and real WhatsApp gives you the unlimited messaging option. So when Developers develop a clone app for WhatsApp, always provide an option of unlimited texting. It can attract more customers.

Sometimes we face a lot of problems saving outdated messages. WhatsApp clones can help you to escape from this problem. It saves your messages only for a certain time and when the user logs in with a different number then all your previous messages will be deleted. That is why it is hassle-free.

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  1. Notification:

Notification is something that tells a user about any action regarding their account. It is one of the important features of the WhatsApp clone. Through it, you can easily know about their new messages and calls when they are offline. It can help them to know who called them or message them. And if it is important they can contact them easily.

  1. Voice and Video Calls:

Another process of communication is calling. It can help someone to communicate appropriately. And video calls can help someone to see their loved ones in front of them. So these are very crucial features for instant messaging apps. WhatsApp Clone gives you these opportunities. One can use the calling option without any disturbance. You can enjoy crystal clear videos with the WhatsApp clone app. So now you do not have to live without seeing your loved ones.

  1. Privacy Settings and profile update:

Privacy settings are very useful for a user. Because it can help them to control their account. WhatsApp gives you an opportunity for Privacy Settings. They can set the information available on their account to be either seen by their contacts, everyone, or none.

WhatsApp Clone also allows you to update your profile photos or your status. And by privacy settings, you can set the audience who can see your profile pictures or profile status.

  1. Sharing Media Files and location:

This instant messaging app gives you a feature of sharing which allows you to share photos, videos, docs, location, and even contacts. A user who uses this can share a video from their Gallery or taken from the in-built camera. 

One can share their location through this app. It is a Geo-location and Google Maps integrated app. It can help your business too or guide your friends to a location.

  1. Last seen:

If you are a clone user then you can go incognito through it. You can hide your online status through it. You can decide who can see your last seen even in between your contact list.

  1. Encryption and Security

Security is the main thing when you use an app because it contains a lot of information. So WhatsApp clone app provides you an option of end-to-end encryption security feature which can help you to hide messages from hackers. These messages are encrypted on the sender’s and receiver’s phones and decrypted accordingly.

  1. Mute conversation:

Sometimes we feel a lot of disturbances when we get a lot of notifications from chats. So to prevent this you can mute chats so you don’t have to get notifications from them. You can mute or unmute a person for a certain period.

  1. Blocking:

There are a lot of fake people. So if you don’t want someone in your WhatsApp then you can block them or unblock a person. If you block someone then they cannot call or text you or show your status.

10. Wrapping-Up:

If you are a business owner then it is high time to make profits with the instant messaging app of your own clone app. You can choose a white-labeled and cost-effective solution that allows your ventures to expand and take off without any glitches.


Clone apps can give you a lot of benefits. So always choose a perfect clone app. You can read more here to know about the WhatsApp clone app.

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