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How to Delete All Retweets on Twitter at Once 

Twitter has emerged as one of the most powerful social media platforms where individuals can express themselves and connect with millions of people. According to reports, the number of people on Twitter is ever-increasing, and the numbers are anticipated to reach 329 million in 2022. 

The social media platform’s popularity is soaring, and the unique concept of the tweet and retweeting keeps attracting tens of thousands of users every day. Daily, millions of tweets and retweets are recorded, thus showing that users are downloading this app and heavily engaging with it. Twitter is also emerging as a very important platform for digital marketing

Approximately 500 million tweets are sent every day, which is solid proof of the heavy public engagement on Twitter. Some active users have millions of retweets on their profiles as it’s the easiest way of representing shared views without bothering to write. 

In many cases, you seek to delete the bulk of retweets for various reasons, but deleting a large number of tweets can be a little bothersome. This post will surely help you to learn more than one way of deleting retweets at a go. Let’s check some of the most effective tricks for deleting retweets at once.

How to Delete All of Your Twitter Messages at Once

Twitter officially doesn’t provide a way to delete all of the retweets associated with a profile. But there are many tools available on the market that you can use, so let’s check out some of them.  

#1 TweetDelete


TweetDelete is one of the most popular tools for deleting tweets and retweets in bulk. Launched in 2011, TweetDelete allows you to delete up to 3200 retweets at a time. It is highly cost-efficient and enables you to customize the types of tweets you want to delete.

To use this service, you’ll first need to obtain your Twitter profile’s data file. You can download the Twitter data file by clicking the more icon in the Twitter navigation bar. From the generated menu, you should click “settings and privacy.” This will open the settings page. There you’ll find an item called “Account.” Click on it and, once it opens, click the “Your Twitter data” option. 

TweetDelete might ask you to enter the Twitter password, enter it and once the portal opens, click on the “request archive” button. This way, you’ll get your data file emailed to you on your registered email ID.

Once you’ve obtained your data file, upload it by visiting and clicking on the upload option. You’ll have to fill out the tweet deletion form where you can specify the age of tweets you want to delete or delete tweets of a particular keyword by entering the specific keyword in the text field. 

You can overcome the 3200 tweet limit by purchasing the premium version of TweetDelete. By paying $14.99, you can enjoy the premium service for a lifetime. 

#2 TweetEraser


Another cost-effective and efficient tool for deleting tweets and retweets in one go. In the same way as in TweetDelete, the users need to generate and download their latest Twitter data file and then upload it by visiting the official website of TweetEraser and clicking on the “upload archive” option. 

There are three packages through which a user can access this tool: free eraser, standard eraser, and premium eraser. As the name suggests, a free eraser is free to use but comes with limited features; a standard eraser costs $6.99 a month and has more features than a free eraser. Users can use this tool for multiple Twitter accounts, up to three, ad-free. 

The third option is a premium eraser that costs $9.99 and gives you access to all the features of TweetEraser, such as no-limit in data ZIP, i.e., that is, you can transfer unlimited tweets for deleting, unlike other versions where the maximum number of tweets that can be deleted is 3200.  

The best feature of this web tool is that it allows you to keep the deleted tweets for your reference. You can use a “search filter” to filter the tweets. Free users can have three search filters, whereas, in the standard package, you get to have ten search filters, and there is no limit for premium users. 

#3 TwitWipe


TwitWipe is an excellent alternative to TweetDelete and TweetEraser that provides users with the same features as the mentioned tools for free. Users do not have to pay anything for using this service, hence providing a cost-effective method for users to manage their Twitter accounts. Everything can be deleted, from tweets, retweets, likes, comments, and mentions. As their website mentions, deleting tweets using their service will be time-consuming but far better and speedier than manual handling. 

This service is straightforward to use; you have to visit their official website,, and click on the “Get Started” icon in the top right corner. Next, click on “sign in using Twitter.” Once you have successfully signed in, you’ll see the “TwitWipe this Account” option; confirm it to go further and delete the stuff.

Wrapping up

Twitter is a very engaging app where you can let people learn about your views, engage with other people, and follow celebrities and those who inspire you. But there are circumstances where you might need to delete your history for many reasons, such as a change of view, compulsion or change in the content marketing strategies. 

Deleting tweets manually is a very cumbersome task and is more ineffective when you have engaged a lot with the platform. In this post, we mentioned some tools that are the best and most effective ways of deleting tweets, retweets, likes, and mentions in a minimal amount of time. Here are the key takeaways from the post;

Key Takeaways 

  • Although Twitter doesn’t provide a way to delete retweets in bulk, many tools are available on the market that may help users.
  • TweetDelete is an efficient tool for deleting tweets and retweets cost-effectively in minimal time. Users can use the standard pack for free, and for more functionalities such as the limitless tweet delete feature can opt for the premium package. 
  • TweetEraser is a popular tool for deleting retweets in bulk. Users can use the tool for free or opt for standard or premium packages that cost $6.99 and $9.99, respectively.
  • TwitWipe is a free tool that allows users to delete their Twitter history, including likes, mentions, interests, tweets, and retweets. 

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