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How To Use Creative PowerPoint Templates for an Engaging Presentation

Presentations are made to display information in a rather interesting way compared to a simple Word document with lots of text. Communicating a message to listeners is a tough task for many. That’s when creative presentation templates come in handy. 

A variety of creative marketplaces like Creative Market, MasterBundles, and Etsy offer a wide range of unique templates that you can instantly download and use. 

Still creating a beautiful and engaging presentation involves well-structured information, images, or infographics – all combined in a common theme. Here are some tips on making a creative presentation.

Top Tips for Creating an Engaging PowerPoint Presentation

With these PowerPoint presentation tips, you’ll be able to put together a powerful and creative presentation. 

Structure Your Talking Points

The first thing you should always do before even starting to consider the presentation design is to plan out your talking points and outline your speech. Consider popular presentation structures that will help your framework regarding what you want to talk about throughout the presentation. 

Get Creative With Slide Designs

At this point, pre-made PowerPoint themes will really help you. The pre-made slides are clean, easy to read, and engaging, they were made by professionals so we know what we are talking about. However, you should remember to structure them correctly and don’t overflow them with information. 

Make Your Presentation Interactive 

The secret to a dynamic presentation that will keep the audience engaged and leave them with a memorable experience is to make the presentation interactive. You can add links to different objects throughout the presentation, create popups, or include small surveys/quizzes. 

This will not only engage them but also make sure they are understanding information since they will be asked about it later. 

Add Animations

Even though many templates already include animations, you can either add more or create your own. Animated elements will make specific slides stand out, as something flies onto the screen the audience’s attention will be all yours. Consider incorporating enter and exit effects for various slides or objects in the slides. 

Use Creative Text Design

There are hundreds of fonts to choose from, you might be wondering which ones are the best to use, well you can check out popular font combinations to understand the basics. Remember to use a max of three fonts and focus each slide only on the main points rather than including lots of useless text. 

Create Non-Linear Presentations

Most people have this thought that a presentation consists of going from slide to slide. In fact, there are endless options on how to navigate between slides. Engage the audience by letting them decide the direction of your presentation. 

Do this by creating a direction bar with a few options for topics and they get to decide what they want to hear about next. If you’re a good observer you can decide what slides to introduce next depending on the audience’s reactions. 

The Power of Shapes

Never underestimate the power of shapes in a presentation design. A way to draw attention to various elements on the screen is by using various geometric shapes or shapes that you may not have heard of before. If you don’t know how to incorporate shapes, then go ahead and crop your images into them.

Don’t Forget about the Presenter’s Notes

A huge presentation tip is not to read the presentation but to directly speak to the audience. Take advantage of the presenter’s notes which will help with guiding you and make sure you don’t skip any important information. 

You can get access to the time of your presentation, current slide details, the slide you should expect next to help with the flow, and notes you’ve prepared about speaking points. 

Creative MasterBundles PowerPoint Templates

With a sustainable marketplace at MasterBundles, find your ideal creative PowerPoint themes. Designers working in various industries create all PowerPoint templates and don’t follow existing themes. Building a creative template that will awe your audience can get tricky, so we have created a list of premium templates that you can consider using. 

  1. KASVI – Nature PowerPoint Template

KASVI – Nature PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint presentation template is straightforward. Astonishing, high-resolution images of nature are used throughout the design, and the color scheme is overall stunning. Its layout allows you to make various ads, lookbooks, fashion slides, and any other artsy presentations. Each of its 30 slide templates has a different layout but it stays in one theme.

  1. Construct PowerPoint Presentation
Construct PowerPoint Presentation

Get this clean and well-designed PowerPoint template for your next creative presentation. With the option to choose between 3 color schemes, you can apply them to 25 unique slides for creating an inspirational and interesting presentation. 

  1. Mangrove – Adventure PowerPoint
Mangrove – Adventure PowerPoint

This PowerPoint template is for inventive and artistic presentations because of its contemporary and abstract design. The design of this template is simple but includes various elements that make it creative. For example, the unique forms of the picture placeholders give the presentation an eye-catching feature.

  1. Gachi – Person PowerPoint Template
Gachi – Person PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template has a very minimalistic yet lovely design. Its appealing layout will let you read the material without any interruptions. The color combinations used for this template are trendy and memorable. 

  1. Suimca – PowerPoint Template
Suimca – PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template has another simple design with added lines and decorations. In this template, you’ll get 25 unique slides with various layouts. You can edit every slide with an image of your choice or you can also choose from high-quality photos that are included.  

  1. RAVI Presentation Template
RAVI Presentation Template

Building an animated presentation is now much easier thanks to this RAVI presentation template. It’s difficult to find something captivating for presentations, but using animations is something that will make your presentation stand out. Design a presentation that is creative and impactful. With distinctive photo placeholders and cool animations, you will definitely create a presentation that will impress your audience.

  1. SPACE PowerPoint Template
SPACE Powerpoint Template

The Space template is the best way to express yourself, your creativity, and your thinking if you’re looking for a modern look. It amazingly fits your use, including powerful slides, various infographics, photos, great color combinations, maps, and other features. 

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