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Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts In 2023

Blog writing can be a very effective means of aiding your SEO. However, not all content is good content and not every blog is going to maximize that potential in the same way. Additionally, SEO rules and guidelines constantly change based on the updates to various search engines.

So how can you write an effective blog these days? let’s find out about all the top SEO-friendly blog post tips so that you can blog your way to success. 

Use the right keywords

Before you start your article it is best to begin by researching some great keywords that have high traffic and low competition that you can use to capture your target market. These keywords and related words should be scattered throughout your article in a way that appears natural.

If it sounds forced or you do what is known as “keyword stuffing” where you just try to add as many keywords as possible into the content, the search engines may penalize you and your post won’t reach its potential. Balance is the key.

Write for the reader

The most important tip for an SEO-friendly blog is to give useful and accurate information to the reader. Write with your readers in mind so that you can give them something that is helpful and easy to read.

If you do this, the search engines may pick up on your pleasant and considerate article and give it priority over other articles. After all, search engines are looking to direct people to the best and most useful articles so that they maintain their value as a search engine and they provide valuable answers to people’s searches and questions. 

Use the proper structure

Huge blocks of text are ugly and uninviting. Instead, you should break up your article with paragraphs, interesting subheadings, and lists or bullet points. The more you can make it look less like a bunch of words the better.

You should also take into account the usage of images to break up the text and any sorts of charts or other additions that can be used to make the article easier to read. Not only will people stay on your page longer reading your blog but Google and other search engines may take note of both your format and the time people stay on the page. 

The right amount of content

So how much content is too much or too little(how to decide it)? This has been a subject of great debate for many years by different content marketers and webmasters. In 2023, it has come to light that the shorter blogs of 300-500 words that many people publish are not the best length for an SEO-friendly article. 

Instead, some of the best results are coming from blog articles that are 2000 words or more. However, that being said, not every article merits that amount of length and you should not be adding filler content just to reach the words count. 

Note: the core purpose of the content either it is of 300 or 2000 words, should be providing some value to reader, if you are able to deliver value it’s perfect.

Therefore, attempt to write an article that is providing value and meets the visitor expectations, what actually they are looking for!

Add relevant links

Whilst your purpose of the article should always be to help the reader, you can also emphasize this by giving the reader helpful hyperlinks throughout your article to other sites or internally with interesting information. For example, when you are writing about affiliate marketing, you can give internal links to relevant pages that are already published on your blog, or content from authority sites available externally.

This adds value to your blog and to your article. It should be noted, however, that you should avoid sending the client to other sites that compete with the company you are writing for. 

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